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Violence against women reduced in past 1397 in Afghanistan

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Nabila Muslih, deputy minister of women affairs, says UN report has shown that violence against women has decreased by 20 percent in Afghanistan.
“Life condition of women was better in 1397 as UN report has shown that violence against women has decreased by 20 percent comparing to previous years. In the meantime, UN report has also said that child marriage ‘early marriages’ has also decreased by 10 percent in the country, which is a good achievement for Afghanistan,” Muslih said.
Although Afghanistan has had lots of achievements in the field of restoration of women rights as girls’ education, employment, health, trade and participation of women in various political and civil activities in the past 17 years, there are still problems facing Afghan women in various parts of the country.
Murder, beatings, mutilation, child marriage, the giving away of girls in marriage to resolve disputes (baad) or other harmful practices are some cases of violence that remains widespread throughout Afghanistan, despite the government’s efforts to criminalize such practices, the UN has found. Its new report highlights how mediation by government and traditional actors, which is widely used to resolve cases of violence against women, deprives them of access to justice and hinders their fundamental rights. 
On the other hand, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) says Afghan women witnessed various kinds of violence in 1397.
Latifa Sultani, director of women affairs for AIHRC says more than 4,000 cases of violence against women has been recorded in Afghanistan during 1397.
“Report of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission in 1397 shows the increase in violence against women in the country as we have recorded 2,280 cases including 4,329 cases of violence against women, showing a minor decrease comparing to previous year,” Sultani said.
According to AIHRC, the cases of violence against women that have been recorded during the past one year are economic violence, sexual violence, physical, verbal and mental violence and other violences caused by unpleasant traditions in the country.
Sultani added that most of cases of violence have been recorded in Kabul, Bamyan, Nangarhar, Balkh and Herat.
Violence has been an unending experience for women in Afghanistan who are subjected to it in various forms throughout their life. According to the findings of this report, the most common manifestations of violence include physical violence, sexual violence, economic violence, verbal-mental violence and other kinds of violence.
Meanwhile, the country’s First Lady says women have had unprecedented developments and achievements during 1397.
The First Lady by pointing to increasing number of female traders during the past year says based on statistics of Afghanistan Chambers of Commerce and Industries, currently 1,150 women traders are officially working in Afghanistan, which is a big achievement for the country. Meanwhile, Afghanistan Independent Administrative Reforms and Civil Services (AIARCS) has said that 1397 was one of the best year for women in civil services institutions. The statistics of the AIARCS shows that women made 22 percent of government employees in 1396 while it has increased to 27 percent this year. 

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