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‘Violence against Afghan journalists down by 40 percent in 2019’


By: The Kabul Times

A total of 115 cases of violence against the media were registered this year, said Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, director of media advocavy group Nai.
Ten journalists and media workers were killed in 2019, a 50 percent decrease compared with 20 in 2018.
Twenty-one journalists and media workers were injured this year, which shows a five percent increase compared to last year.
Khalwatgar said that detention of journalists increased by 60 percent to 10 cases in 2019.
Moreover, there were 51 cases of threatening of journalists, a 2.5 percent decline.
According to the watchdog, the decline in violence against journalists happended due to the banning of live coverage of militant attacks from the site as well as decrease in the number of attacks.

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The Kabul Times.