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Violating electoral calendar to have negative impacts

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Observing of electoral calenderer enjoys particular importance in election process. One can consider loyalty to electoral calendar as one of the improving factors of voters believe and trusts to election process as disloyalty to it could produce negative impacts and would cause suspicion and hesitation of voters’ trust and candidates to transparency of the process.

Whereas election is a competition process and the rival teams are sensitive to every situation and every action and reaction in this process could be controversial to rival teams and could be considered in their opinion to this disadvantage and advantage of their rival team.

No announcement of preliminary results of the presidential election which was expected to take place on Oct 18th has caused vast and extensive discussion and dialogue in the society.

Addressing the media and apologizing for delaying of release of preliminary results of presidential elections, chairwoman of Independent Election Commission Hawa Alam Nuristani said that delay of announcement of preliminary results of presidential election has taken place for ensuring transparency and IEC is working on it to release a reputable and reliable result.

 “Technical problem in the election process and delay in transferring of information of Biometric devices from provinces to capital was another reason behind delay of results annulment,” she noted.

According to media analysis, the reason behind delay of results’ announcement to unknown time is political. Based on previous of IEC officials that the commission is under pressure by candidates and electoral team, these analysis consider delay as a political gesture and as result of pressures on IEC and emphasize that the commission inevitably has delay and announcement of result to unknown time that would and could damage believe of voters to transparency and impartiality and independent decision making of electoral commissions.

Nevertheless, the IEC would have not delayed release of results of elections and should have released it on its due time according to its calendar, so to prevent possible decisions and dialogues of interferences of electoral teams or exerting pressures on IEC.

Now the IEC is required to focus all its efforts to prepare and release the results and not to let the calendar to be further violated. The commission should make efforts that the rest of works be carried out according to calendar.

The ECC should also carry out all its works according to friaries on time and be prepared to release final results of election on due time.

Both Independent Election Commission and independent Electoral Complaint Commission should not allow the bitter experiences of 2014 presidential election and parliamentary 2018 elections to be repeated.

Afghans defied all kind of threats and cast their votes to institutionalize democracy and democratic processes in the country. Therefore their efforts and votes shouldn’t be undermined and all measures should be taken for transparent announcement of the results.

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