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Views on announcement of Kabul parliamentary elections’ results

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Following declaration of parliamentary elections final results by the Independent Elections Commission (IEC), a number of experts and citizens welcomed the move and hoped the new representatives can play the role of a linking bridge between the government and people.
A political expert Amir Muhammad said that however, Kabul parliamentary elections have risen concerns inside and outside the country, but the final results have been announced recently.
He added the new representatives have had their own plans and slogans during their campaigns such as ensuring security, reforms in the government and system and reforms in electoral commissions.
He added unfortunately, Afghanistan has so far experienced many challenges and foreign interferences, thus, we need a concentrated system which is formed based on the constitution.
“Electoral commissions have had some deficiencies in the parliamentary elections as the results’ declaration prolonged for few months, therefore, if the new leadership of the electoral commissions don’t have proper management, upcoming presidential elections will face many problems as well,” a university lecturer Aminzoy said.
After declaration of Kabul parliamentary elections’ results, President Ghani accused former electoral commissions’ members to incompetence and added that prolongation in this respect was a disaster.
During sworn in ceremony of Kabul new representatives, the president said that I expected the new parliament to work on contents of new elections law, adding Ghazni parliamentary elections should also be held soon.
The president added that the presidential elections will be held on its due time and the government is decisive in this regard.
Calling delay in declaration of parliamentary elections concerning, election observant entities said that the people of Afghanistan waited for seven months to see their votes’ results.
According to them, electoral commissions showed in parliamentary elections that they cannot transparency manage the presidential elections, thus, bringing fundamental reforms is a must for upcoming presidential elections.
Experts believe that using biometric system will be one of the key steps to hold upcoming presidential elections.
Ramazan Bashardost who could once again find way to the parliament said that I have had many experiences from the last parliament and its members, therefore, I expect the new representatives don’t repeat their deficiencies and weaknesses.
He added that I am the servant of my people, because, they have trusted in me and voted for me.
He said that I was optimistic to new members of the parliament, because, most of them are our young generation.
National unity government leaders asked the new representatives to step up on law implementation, strengthening stability and to create better environment for people.
Afghanistan’s new parliament has started working while Ghazni parliamentary election has yet to be held and it is expected to be held simultaneously with the presidential elections.
Suraya Raiszada

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