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‘Vast support exists for Afghanistan’

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By: Lailuma Noori

European Union has opposed the tone and texts of Blinken’s letter sent to Afghanistan government leaders, stressing that the country has the support of vast majority of international community.
Roland Kobia, EU Special Envoy for Afghanistan in reaction to the letter sent by US Secretary of State to President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has said Afghanistan has a constitution and has full support of the international community.
“Afghanistan has a Constitution, had elections, held Loya Jirgas, has Joint Declaration with the US, is engaged in Doha process. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has the support of vast majority of international community, the world in United Nations Security Council and Geneva has committed to protect achievements and Republic,” Kobia tweeted. Blinken’s letter to President Ghani and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has met with various reactions inside and outside of the country. In reaction to the letter, First Vice President Amrullah Saleh has declared that he won’t sign any peace deal which comes from the respective letter.
“If the safety of US troops is important for Washington, the safety of Afghan citizens is also important for Afghanistan government and the government won’t deal with the destiny of its people,” Salih stressed, adding that it will not change the Afghan government’s position on the peace process.
In his letter, the US Secretary of State by pointing to catastrophes happening during 1990s between Afghan leaders stressed that such incident should not be repeated again.
Previously, EU had reminded the Taliban group that EU would only support an Afghanistan that could protect values of the republic. This was stressed by High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy in telephone conversation with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani. Afghan political experts believe that EU is also stressing on the protection of the past two decades’ achievements in ongoing intra-Afghan talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban. EU officials say it will be very difficult for the EU member countries to have continued cooperation with a government which does not respect principal values and rights of citizens.
Peace is the best option for Afghanistan, but it requires some background and consensus in national and international level involved in Afghanistan’s issues. The active support of the region and world is vital for Afghanistan. EU is closely working with civil society, Afghanistan government and its partners for maintaining peace, consolidation of democracy, balanced development and maintaining social justice in the country.
Since 2001, EU after the US has been one of the main supporters of Afghanistan. EU member countries by dispatching thousands of troops to Afghanistan has also paid considerable attention to the development and reconstruction of Afghanistan.
It is worth mentioning that in Blinken’s letter to Afghanistan leaders, key points have been suggested as convening a UN-facilitated conference with international stakeholders, proposals to facilitate discussion between the two sides to form a negotiated settlement and ceasefire, a meeting in Turkey between both sides to finalize a peace agreement, and a revised proposal for a 90-day reduction in violence
This comes as Khalilzad recently traveled to Pakistan after his visit to Kabul and Doha. Reports indicate that he has met with military and civilian officials in Islamabad about the new proposed draft for Afghan peace.


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