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Vaccine; main solution to contain surge in Covid-19 cases


The Ministry of Public Health has announced that the third wave of corona virus has been spreading in Afghanistan and positive cases of UK type virus have been recorded in several provinces, as in recent weeks the outbreak and mortalities due to the virus have been increasing.
The MoPH has also added that Indian type of the virus might have been spreading in Afghanistan provinces and the spread speed of mutant virus has been much higher than the regulars one.
Medical experts said that the mutant type even transmits from environment to human being. The outbreak of mutant virus and increase of mortalities have once again caused serious concern among people because Afghanistan is strongly vulnerable against mutant virus.
Afghanistan medial system is unable to control and halter the new wave and enjoys slight medication capacity and resources, in one hand and the culture of observing medical guideless in our society is weak too and the citizens don’t take seriously the risks of Covid-19 on the other.
Now in capital Kabul markets and those of other big cities are overcrowded and without and observing medical guidelines, use of mask and social distancing, people are involved in their daily businesses.
Kabul Municipality has recently announced that it would shut down all wedding halls in one week. Subsequently schools in Kabul and 18 other provinces were shut down for two weeks. All these steps were the measures that the government has undertaken to bridle the new wave of coronavirus.
But it doesn’t seem that such measures would help to control the wave. Movement rustication, shutting down of public and private schools and even pacing towards full quarantine also cannot bridle corona crisis, as the authorities in most developed countries failed to overcome the situation with imposing above measures.
The basic solution to fight coronavirus is providing and administrating of nationwide vaccines, as at present vaccine has been called as the only effective weapon against coronavirus. But unfortunately, the Afghan government and relevant institutions haven’t paid particular seriousness for supply and purchase of essential vaccines.
The MoPH has been satisfied to implementation of donated vaccines of India and China that don’t exceed to one million doses and taking into account present population of Afghanistan, available vaccines in Afghanistan cannot address the whole need.
It is needed that supply ad purchase of corona vaccine be prioritized. Prior to this the international donor organizations including the World Bank and Asian Development Bank had committed to support the Afghan move for this purpose. The relevant departments in the Afghan administration are required to follow attracting of international aids to purchase the vaccine.
The vaccine should be supplied and administered in order to create immunity in society. Till full vaccine implementation, people are required to follow health instructions and keep social distancing and wearing masts as their main priorities.
Ignoring health tips as well as lack of vaccine would further deteriorate the situation, where people and the country would later not be able to control the situation, as we have witnessed the surge in cases in India and other countries in recent weeks.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.