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Uzbekistan pays $45 million for Afghan electricity transmission line: Uzbek PM

د ازبیکستان لومړی وزیر له اجرائیه رئيس سره په لیدنه کې له افغانستان سره په سوداګریزو او ټرانزیټ برخه کې همکاري کوو 1

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met visiting Uzbekistan Prime Minister Abdulla Oripov and his accompanied delegation in northern Balkh Province here yesterday, a statement said.
Welcoming Uzbek Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah called Afghanistan as the second home for Uzbek people, adding Afghans were praising the delegation’s trip and holding of exhibition of Uzbekistan products in Mazar-e-Sharif city, the statement from Chief Executive Press Office said.
Praising Uzbekistan’s role in trade and investments in Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah said it was the time to practically implement the MoUs reached between the two countries for enhancing trade and economic cooperation.
Hinting to trade ties between the two countries, the Chief Executive emphasized on boosting such ties, saying holding of such exhibitions to further enhance trade relations between the two countries, the statement quoted as saying.
Dr. Abdullah went on saying that Afghan merchants also demand to hold their product’s exhibition in Uzbekistan, adding Afghanistan is still the biggest importer and the government is trying to maintain the import and export balance. “We are committed to ease investment opportunities for Uzbek traders and meanwhile looking forward to such opportunity in Uzbekistan.”
Condemning yesterday’s terrorist attack in Kabul, Dr. Abdullah said continued war and bloodshed would not bring a desired result, but the intra-Afghan talks could be the only solution. The Chief Executive also praised Uzbekistan’s support of peace process in Afghanistan.
Meanwhile Uzbekistan Prime Minister thanked Afghans warm welcome and hospitality, saying his country was committed to enhanced bilateral trade ties.
“We want improved relations between the two countries, and we have held this exhibition for such reason,” PM Oripov said, as quoted in the statement.
Uzbek Prime Minister went on saying that his country was ready to cooperate in the areas of agriculture, commerce, energy, railway, gas and investments with Afghanistan. “The electricity transmission line from Sorkhan of Uzbekistan to Pul-e-Khumri of Afghanistan which is around 200 KM costs 110 million USD and Uzbekistan is paying 45 million of it,” he added.

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