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USAID pledges $36m to recent incidents’ IDPs

رییس اجراییه کشور در نشست کمیته اضطرار

KABUL: Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, in the high state counter-disasters committee meeting said the government was fully prepared to address the problems of the displaced people in Ghazni, Ghoor and Farah provinces, his office said in a statement Monday.
“USAID has pledged up to $36 million to the displaced people and the ministries of refugees and the state on disasters affairs should coordinate with each other on receiving the aids,” said the statement quoting the CE.
“The government has serious focus on the displaced people of Malistan and Jaghoori districts of Ghazni province, Charsada and Pasaband district of Ghor and Khak-e-Safid districts of Farah province,” according to Abdullah.
However, government minister on counter-disasters, Najib Fahim said his office has not still obtained the aids worth 10 million afghanis approved by the CE to be distributed among the displaced peoples in Ghazni and other provinces of the country, according to the statement.
Fahim assured that the provincial committee has 3 million Afghani and would be distributed among the needy people, the statement added.
He said the national directorate for security (NDS) has distributed aids for up to 850 households in Malistan and Jaghoori districts of Ghazni province and the international aid agencies have pledged $21 million to the displaced people of the recent incidents.
According to Fahim, the UNHCR has also assured of providing 16,000 tents to the IDPs of the affected areas in the country.
Other officials attending the meeting, also spoke about the problems of the displaced and what they have to do for them, with the Chief Executive urging the ministry of finance to provide the remaining sum to be distributed among the displaced households in the recently affected provinces.
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