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US to support Afghan peace, elections

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Amid peace efforts by the government of Afghanistan and a number of other countries, three US senators in a meeting with President Ghani declared their support from the country’s peace process and elections.
US senators said that peace and elections could help empower the Afghan people particularly the women.
They also stressed on holding transparent elections and ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan.
Earlier, US special envoy for Afghan peace Zalmay Khalilzad stressed on holding elections and acceleration of peace process in the country.
This comes as a number of experts have different views, saying that unfortunately, peace nature is still ambiguous to the Afghan people.
“Afghans will welcome any move that leads to restoration of peace in the country, but unfortunately, ongoing efforts being made by the US is still ambiguous and there is no any clear outlook for that,” a political expert Amir Mohammad said.
Besides, enemy’s attacks are getting intensified by each passing day, he added.
Pointing at current peace efforts, High Peace Council (HPC) says that it welcomes any step taken on prevailing peace in the country.
“There is no doubt that HPC will welcome any move leads to beginning peace talks, HPC spokesperson Ehsan Tahiri said.
Fortunately today, a regional and international consensus has been established and the US is committed to continue cooperation with the government of Afghanistan in terms of peace negotiations and elections, an action that is a positive and effective step for starting peace talks, he stressed.
Optimisms have increased in national and international levels for starting direct peace talks by the government and Taliban are hoped to face-to-face negotiate with negotiator delegation this time.
Since US has practically stepped up on Afghan peace process, many regional and ultra-regional countries have started cooperation with Afghanistan in this regard, but they yet to succeed to satisfy armed insurgents on peace, a political expert Jawid Kohistani said.
He stressed that it will be very effective if regional and ultra-regional countries honestly cooperate in peace talks, because, Afghanistan’s relation is connected with the region.
Peace will ensure in Afghanistan when the Taliban give up war, accept the country’s constitution and live beside other people, a researcher on Afghanistan and regional affairs, Zubair Sharifi said.
This is while that US representatives and Taliban have so far held many meetings to restore peace and the next meeting is expected to be held in Doha with the presence of Taliban representatives and Afghanistan’s negotiator delegation.
Suraya Raiszada

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