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US to continue supporting ANDSF after agreement with Taliban, Khalilzad


By: Noori

US special peace envoy for Afghanistan in a tweet has clarified that his country would continue supporting the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces even after peace agreement with the Taliban group.  Reacting to Reuters’ report which quoted two unnamed Taliban commanders as saying that the Taliban would not stop war against Afghan government and seized power by force, Khalilzad tweeted Monday: “ No one should be intimidated or fooled by propaganda!.  “A Reuters report quoting two unnamed Talib commanders alleges we will cease support of the Afghan forces as part of any agreement. Not true!” “Let me be clear: We will defend Afghan forces now and after any agreement w/ the Talibs. All sides agree Afghanistan’s future will be determined in intra-Afghan negotiations,” he said.
“A deal was expected to be signed this week under which US forces, which provide all-important air support to Afghan troops, will stop attacking the Taliban and the militants would end their fight against the US troops,” the report quoted one of the two unnamed Taliban commanders as saying. 
A question is created is situation in Afghanistan better or more fragile?
The answer is clear as the country will be probably threatened by other terrorist groups in particular Daesh. Besides, US understand that Taliban was one of supporters of al Qaeda. The group has perpetrated human crimes in Afghanistan. In consideration to increasing threats posed by terrorist groups, it is necessary that ANDSF should be supported.
A number of Afghan political experts believe that security situation in Afghanistan has increased comparing to previous years. Concerns over increasing insecurities have increased among Afghans as they are facing with various problems in the country.
“We see consequences of war as well as development in the country. Previously, there had been only a Taliban group, but now there are 20 terrorist groups fighting US and Afghan security forces in the country; therefore, it is needed that Afghan National Defense and Security Forces should be supported and equipped,” said Intezar Khadim, an Afghan political expert.
Based on reports, thousands of Afghan innocent civilians have sustained casualties in the past four years. Human rights of the Afghan people are trampled on the daily basis and the number of civilian casualties is increasing day by day. If the government does not take necessary steps towards improvement of security in the country as well as protection of human rights, the situation in the country will get worse.
Although Afghanistan has had considerable achievements in other sectors, security is still challenging the government of Afghanistan. Peace and security are the people serious demands, but unfortunately there have been lots of ups and downs since efforts were started for talks with the Taliban group.
Afghanistan government is working to find a political settlement and end the ongoing war through talks with the Taliban group, but the group has repeatedly insisted on fighting with the government and has not got ready for direct talks with government so that. In such kind of situation, the international community in particular the US should continue their close support to ANDSF as they will be the only forces that will fight against terrorist groups in the country.

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