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US stresses on common efforts towards peace in Afghanistan

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As efforts are underway in national, regional and international levels for bringing peace in Afghanistan, US is stressing on common efforts of regional and world countries towards peace and sovereignty of Afghanistan.
Representatives of US, China, and Russia in a meeting have underscored their respect for the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Afghanistan.
In a statement, the US Department of State said, “representatives of the United States, China, and Russia met in Washington, D.C., March 21-22, 2019. The parties exchanged views on the current status of the Afghan peace process and discussed common efforts to bring peace, prosperity, and security to Afghanistan.”
They underscored their respect for the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, as well as Afghanistan’s right to make its own political, security, and economic decisions, the statement added.
“The United States, China, and Russia agreed to continue further discussions. The exact date and venue for the next meeting will be decided through diplomatic channels. The parties will continue to seek common efforts and coordination on the Afghan peace process,” the statement said.
Furthermore, in a separate statement the US State Department said Ambassador Khalilzad also met with EU representative Roland Kobia to discuss Afghan peace process.Both sides underscored their respect for the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Afghanistan.
“The United States and the European Union will continue their close coordination. They encourage all countries to support the current peace process, inclusive intra-Afghan talks, and lasting development and reconstruction in Afghanistan.”
“They agreed that bringing an end to Afghanistan’s war and achieving peace must be the key objective, and that violence should cease. To benefit all Afghans, the region, and the world, they further underscored that any peace agreement should uphold the rights of all Afghans, in particular those of women, minorities, and children, and assure Afghan soil is not used by international terrorist groups or individuals against any country,” the statement added.
Meanwhile, Russia’s special envoy for Afghanistan has also supported the parties’ discussion regarding Afghanistan peace process, asking for making the process successful as soon as possible.
“Russia and China are interested in succeeding of the peace talks between US and the Taliban group in Doha as soon as possible as it is a good time for maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan,” Russia’s special envoy to Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov said.
Kabulov stressed that Afghans should be provided with opportunity to decide on their future.
Meanwhile, a number of Afghan political experts believe that role of regional countries is key for maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan, but saying no peace talks will be effective unless direct peace talks between Afghanistan government and the Taliban group begin.
“Taliban should engage with direct peace negotiations with Afghanistan government as holding talks with others won’t bring peace to the country,” an Afghan political expert Amin Khpalwak said.
He added that Taliban could not reach their goals through violence and fighting, saying the group should engage in direct peace talks with Afghans if they wanted to reach their goals as continued war in Afghanistan had no Islamic and religious legitimacy at all.
Recent peace efforts have increased hopes among Afghans who believe that efforts which are underway in national and international levels will finally help bring peace in the country.
Suraya Raiszada

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