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US Special Peace Envoy travels to Afghanistan & region

zalmay khalilzad

As Afghanistan government is preparing for Peace Consultative Jirga, set to be held on April 29, US Department of State has informed that Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad started 7th round of his trip to Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, and the United Kingdom.
“Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad will travel to Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, and the United Kingdom April 21 to May 11, as part of the overall effort to facilitate a political settlement that ends the conflict in Afghanistan.
In the statement, US department of state stressed that Special Representative Khalilzad would consult with the Afghan government and other Afghans to encourage all parties to work towards intra-Afghan dialogue and negotiations to determine a final peace settlement.
“In London, Moscow, Islamabad, and New Delhi, he will work to build international support for the Afghan peace process to help ensure that any peace settlement reached will be sustainable. In Doha, he will continue to press forward on negotiations with the Taliban to reach a consensus on core national security issues, and urge their participation in an inclusive intra-Afghan dialogue,” the statement added.
US special peace envoy’s trip to Afghanistan and the region came after cancellation of the intra-Afghan dialogue in Qatar. Afghanistan government had blamed Qatar for cancellation of the Doha dialogue which was supposed to be held between the Taliban group and Afghan delegation.
Afghan political experts believe that Taliban should hold direct peace talks with Afghanistan government, or no peace talks will help bring peace and stability to the country. Experts stressed that US should convince or exert pressures on supporters of the Taliban group to stop supporting the group and convince them to hold direct talks with Afghanistan government.
“US government knows this better that no process can give result without presence of Afghanistan government; therefore, serious effort should be made towards an Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace process,” an Afghan political expert Jamal Farahmand said.
He added that Taliban could not reach their goals through continuation of violence in the country as continued war had no Islamic and religious legitimacy at all, suggesting that Taliban should stop violence and join peace process.
On the other hand, national assembly of Afghanistan says peace will not be maintained in Afghanistan until neighboring countries in particular Pakistan do not honestly cooperate with Afghanistan in counter terrorism.
It is quite true that honestly cooperation of regional and world countries with Afghanistan in connection with maintaining peace and stability in the country is significant. Afghanistan government has made continued efforts to create regional consensus regarding the country’s peace process.
Meanwhile, EU has recently stressed on serious need for intra-Afghan peace process, adding that ways should be paved for direct peace talks between Afghanistan government the Taliban group. For the past several decades, Afghans have suffered continued war and violence in the country. They hope that the ongoing peace talks with the Taliban group will bring peace to the country.
Suraya Raiszada

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