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US should remain committed to its Afghanistan pledges, experts

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By: Suraya Raiszada

KABUL: In his fresh remarks, U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan has said that his country was not responsible to end crisis in Afghanistan, adding the Afghans themselves were responsible to resolve their own crisis.
A number of Afghan experts expressed reaction against the assertion and called it contrary to what the U.S. was committed for Afghanistan.
Pointing to the upcoming election of Afghanistan, the ambassador has said that his country cannot guarantee the transparency of the Afghan election and this was up to the Afghans themselves who to tackle their problems. However the ambassador reassured that the U.S. would remain a friend of Afghanistan in the future.
The U.S. ambassador has acknowledged that Afghanistan would face challenge in its way to hold the presidential election as well as reconcile with the Taliban, but advised that the Afghans should assume tolerance against each one in peace talks with the Taliban.
The assertions come while the U.S. in its security accord with Afghanistan has given specific commitments to stay alongside Afghanistan, in war on terror, bringing peace and assuring that Afghanistan would never return back.
“The U.S. under the bilateral security agreement signed with Afghanistan shouldn’t leave the country alone,” said Atiqullah Amarkhil.
He said that there was conflict in Afghanistan, before the U.S. coming, but had not reached to its critical situation nor changed into the regional countries competition. “The U.S. should not allow war continue and do help peace restore in the country, part of its commitments for Afghanistan.”
Another expert, Amanullah Aman believed that foreigners’ interference should be ended and the main elements of terrorism should be uprooted in every corners of Afghanistan, as any failure from the U.S. would once again turn the country into terrorists sanctuary.
Afghan citizens also believe that any move from the U.S. to leave their country would encourage terrorists return to the country, equip and recruit fighters from among the youth and use against the innocent Afghans.
They ask the U.S. for remaining committed with Afghanistan and staying alongside the country, until terrorists were uprooted

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