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US, Russia to cooperate to solve Afghanistan’s crisis

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that we were closely chasing Afghanistan’s development, stressing that we would cooperate with US to tackle the country’s crisis and improve its situation.
During an interview in a Russian TV, he said that US was facing pressures in Afghanistan and Moscow was closely cooperating with that country to address the problems.
President Putin says that Moscow will continue its efforts and world cooperation is hoped to follow with positive results to improve Afghanistan’s situation.
This comes as earlier, a number of Afghan politicians accused Moscow of supporting the Taliban, adding Russia has organized a proxy war in Afghanistan.
Expressing concern on continued insecurities in Afghanistan, officials say that this country is no longer a competition battleground for other countries and they won’t allow it is used for such a purpose.
Calling foreign interferences and intelligence games among the reasons behind the country’s ongoing challenges, the government of Afghanistan said that an international consensus is needed to overcome such a situation.
Political experts believe that competition between the US and Russia has caused Afghanistan to face such problems.
A political expert Ali Rahmani says that there are differences in views on Afghan peace process, that is why the country cannot reach it.
Besides, US policy in Afghanistan has followed with Russia’s serious reactions, as Russia called US fighting insurgents in this country ambiguous.
Another political expert Rahmani called lack of US fair cooperation on ensuring peace among the challenges that has caused any country to be willing to involve in Afghanistan’s cases.
Criticizing Russia’s policies, a veteran Jawid Kohistani said that Russia has always played double policy before Afghanistan, because, once it asked for US military presence in this country and later asked for its withdrawal and recently it declared its cooperation with US again.
Experts believe that recent step taken by Russian President indicates that US is not a superpower and should cooperate with that country on Afghanistan’s issues.
They believe that recent remarks of Russian President will help shorten the way to achieve peace as Russia has influence on the Taliban.
Politicians believe that Taliban cannot reach their goals through war, but if they want to achieve their demands should choose peace way, because, continued war in Afghanistan doesn’t have Islamic and religious legitimacy.
Officials of High Peace Council say that US and Russia should take practical steps beside the government of Afghanistan so we can make better peace plans.
They added we welcome any step taken by any country on Afghan peace talks.
Lower house of the parliament says that peace will not be ensured in Afghanistan unless neighboring countries particularly Pakistan honestly cooperates in this respect.
This is a fact that now a regional consensus is existed on peace process, but it will be effective when the regional countries honestly cooperates with Afghanistan.

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