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US not to leave Afghanistan alone in war on terror

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By: Lailuma Noori

US future cooperation with Afghanistan is to be followed in framework of beyond of horizon plan. The US troop withdrawal debate has hot serious as threats have not been addressed so far and violence has not reduced too. Terrorism is still considered as serious threat for Afghanistan and the world. Reduction in violence, eradication of narcotics and rooting out terrorist groups particularly al Qaeda have been considered as main reasons for US presence in Afghanistan. This comes at a time when no national and international organizations have officially approved that al-Qaeda terrorist network has been rooted out in Afghanistan. Contrarily, it has been repeatedly stated that Taliban and al-Qaeda have close cooperation with each other in parts of Afghanistan. Incidents have shown that Taliban is still linking with al Qaeda in Afghanistan, while the group has assured the US that it has cut all ties to al Qaeda and won’t let any groups pose threat to the US and its allies. Taliban has repeatedly rejected its link with al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, while US had said there was still unity between Taliban and all other terrorist groups linking with al-Qaeda terrorist network.
Now, a question whether US really leaves Afghanistan at this critical situation or not is created. Due to the importance of Afghanistan’s geostrategic position in the region, US won’t leave Afghanistan alone in war on terror. Afghanistan has common borders with China and Iran and is close to the Russia. US presence in Afghanistan enables the country to follow all regional issues happening in the region.
One of the biggest challenges facing Afghanistan is the continued war and increasing violence by Taliban, al-Qaeda and Daesh, which considered as serious threat for Afghanistan at the moment.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has repeatedly informed of opening new chapter of relations between the US and Afghanistan. He has said that US troop withdrawal process from Afghanistan won’t put any negative impact on relations between Afghanistan and US and its allies. According to President Ghani, Afghanistan won’t be isolated as new chapter of relations between Afghanistan and the world will start.
Meanwhile, Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in his recent remarks has informed of US possible agreements with Afghanistan government.
The Afghan National Security Forces and the government of Afghanistan at this time remain cohesive. The president of United States intent is to continue to support both the ANDSF and the government of Afghanistan,” said Milley in a joint news conference held last week in Pentagon.
It is said that US future cooperation with Afghanistan will continued in framework of beyond the horizon plan in future. US counter terrorism effort with possible terrorist threats from Afghanistan soil will be conducted under the respective framework.
The foremost message of the decision is that US won’t leave Afghanistan alone in war on terror. In the meantime, the plan for providing $4billion to Afghan National Defense and Security Forces by US administration is a sign of the country’s continued cooperation with Afghanistan.



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