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US forces will stay in Afghanistan to fight insurgency, US official

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However, negotiations between the US officials and Taliban representatives are ongoing in Doha, US officials say that our forces will stay in Afghanistan unless all insurgents are killed.
Recently, US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford told that country’s senators still the ground is not well prepared to fully withdraw our forces from Afghanistan.
He added I think we need to keep our forces in Afghanistan until insurgency is ongoing.
He stressed that Washington has not still decided to fully pull out forces from Afghanistan and any new decision in this regard will be first sent to the Commander of NATO’s Resolute Support Mission and US forces in the country Gen. Austin S. Miller.
US department of state has already said that US has had good achievements in Afghanistan and now the Taliban don’t control their key areas.
The areas being controlled by US forces enjoy more importance to people, US department of state added.
This comes as during a trip to Northern provinces, Gen. Miller said that the Afghan security forces with direct support of their international counterparts will increase military pressures on the Taliban to make them join peace process.
Calling foreign forces’ presence effective beside the Afghan security forces, military experts say that equipping, training and supporting of the Afghan security forces can be effective in fighting insurgency.
Former deputy of interior ministry and an expert Hadi Khalid said recruiting and training of the Afghan security forces should be standard, because, their current trainings are not effective for ongoing battles.
He added the security entities should have more coordination during their operations, because, it can help them be successful and will cause to prevent their casualties as well.
“There is no doubt that NATO and US forces have done much in terms of security, development, economic cooperation and training of the Afghan security forces, thus, their presence is a must in Afghanistan,” another military expert Jawid Kohistani said.
He added Afghan security forces can benefit the experiences of those countries that are operating within RS mission in Afghanistan.
Earlier, lauding honest fighting of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF), NATO secretary general said we witnessed effective capability of them, an action which indicates strong political and military leadership of the country.
He also assured of his entity’s continued cooperation with Afghanistan in supporting ANDSF.
The government of Afghanistan while calling EU countries particularly NATO and US effective in peace process lauds their support in all fields.
Lower house of the parliament says that it will be very effective if US doesn’t withdraw its forces from Afghanistan so soon.
According to them, US should consider all regional sensitivities and makes effort so Afghanistan doesn’t change into a safe hideout of terrorists once again.
Suraya Raiszada

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