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US forces should be reduced wisely

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By: The Kabul Times

In briefing with Times Magazine published in the US, that country’s president Donald Trump has proclaimed that the US reduces its troops in Afghanistan and then this country would concentrate its attention towards training of Afghan security forces.
There is no doubt that the US spends huge money in military operations and helping to military forces of Afghanistan and also there is no doubt that with taking the power by new US president in 2021, the war of Afghanistan enters into 20th years.
The world democracies don’t sustain sustainable wars.
Another important reality is this that the insurgencies of terrorist forces in Afghanistan from among them Taliban and as the people of Afghanistan and international community were expecting was not halted. These are all the realities. But reduction of US troops in Afghanistan should be wisely and responsibly.
The electoral politics inside the US should not impact seriously on reduction of number of US forces in Afghanistan.
Within the presidency of Barak Obama, Afghanistan in a manner was victimized by electoral policies.
Mr. Obama decided that to increase the number of US troops in Afghanistan but at the same day he proclaimed the deadline for withdrawal of these forces from Afghanistan.
This caused Taliban and other terrorists to become serious and reach into a believe that the US to withdraw and withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan strengthened the insurgent forces’ morale and this caused Taliban to keep away from negotiation table.
Now, the US is negotiating with Taliban. The purpose behind proclamation of this negotiation is political solution of war through reduction of US troops, further concentration to multi-national terrorists, comprehensive countrywide ceasefire and comprehensive intra-Afghan dialogue.
The high powerful hierarchy of pressure of the US in such negotiations, is withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan.
This hierarchy should be used very wisely, the reduction of US forces from Afghanistan and other signals like their withdrawal in any condition would create this mentality that the US even sans gaining high concession in negotiation, withdraws its troops.
When this believe comes into being in the region that in anyway, the US withdraws, Taliban supporters would have no motive to satisfy this group with giving concession.
The US envoy at the UN said that the US would negotiate about complete withdrawal of troops with the government that would take the power in Afghanistan after peace.
It is a reasonal position. But, with reduction of US troops in a situation that the insurgents are not ready to give concession to Afghanistan that republican regime is ruling in it and enjoys from constitution.
They reach to a belief that ignore the demands of Afghanistan people and international community sans giving any concession by Taliban. The reduction of US forces would be regarded as gift by themselves and would make them decisive to continue war.
The US should take guarantee from supporters of Taliban even if it withdraws limited forces from Afghanistan that this group would be satisfied with reasonable political solution.
It is also obvious that the political solution of war would not be realized sans Taliban negotiate with government and other political forces of Afghanistan.
The legality of negotiation is guaranteeing in a time that inclusive and serious concession be taken in the benefit of people of Afghanistan.
Reduction of the US forces in a time that so far, Taliban didn’t give concession is not wisely.
If the government of Afghanistan and international community don’t take benefit from presence of the US limited forces, they would not take advantage from any other things.
The people of Afghanistan don’t have expectation from the US forces to help them forever.
But the decision of reduction of forces should wisely be taken place. 

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