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US expects Pakistan not to provide safe harbor to terrorists

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Expressing hope that Pakistan will achieve the goals ‘set-out’ by the Trump administration, United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reiterated the US demand that Islamabad will not provide safe havens to terrorists on the country’s western border.
Pompeo made the comments while answering a question during a press briefing at the State Department last Tuesday. “I had a chance to travel and meet the new leader of Pakistan not too many weeks ago now,” he said.
He stressed that the US had made it clear that its policy for South Central Asia has not changed. “Our expectation is that Pakistan will not provide safe harbor to terrorists on their western border. Pakistan will be held accountable if they do not achieve that, if they are not sincere in that effort.”
The US secretary of state stressed that everyone wanted reconciliation in Afghanistan but “to achieve that goal, there can be no safe harbor for the Taliban or the Haqqani network”.
Pompeo further said that Pakistan’s government was aware of the United State’s view on the matter. “This administration has already made significant efforts to hold them accountable and we hope that they will achieve the goal that we have set out for them.”
US President Donald Trump in his new strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia has declared that US would continue to support the government of Afghanistan and fight terrorism and not set any timetable for counter terrorism effort. The US new strategy is also stressing on exerting pressures on Pakistan not to provide safe harbor to terrorists, persuading India to help maintain security and stability in the region and cooperate with Afghanistan government.
Afghan political experts believe that Afghanistan has suffered lots of harms and destructions caused by interferences of its neighboring countries in particular Pakistan, saying US increasing pressures on Pakistan can make regional countries in particular Pakistan for honestly cooperation with Afghanistan in maintaining peace and stability in the country. “After declaration of US new strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia by Donald Trump, changes have been seen in the region,” an Afghan political expert Jamal Farahmand said, adding that all regional countries in particular Pakistan should make use of the opportunity and jointly work for maintaining security and fighting terrorism in the region.
“To prevent from increasing activities of terrorist groups such as Daesh, al-Qaeda and Taliban in the region, all countries in the region in particular Pakistan should stop providing safe harbor to terrorist groups that are threatening security and stability of not only Afghanistan but also the regional and entire world,” Farahmand added
It is worth mentioning that lack of honestly cooperation and interferences of a number of countries in the region especially Pakistan have caused that terrorism remain as serious threat for the region and entire world.
Suraya Raiszada

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