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US exerts pressures on Taliban for ceasefire before any peace agreement


By: Lailuma Noori

US has exerted pressures on the Taliban group for ceasefire and starting intra-Afghan dialogue before any peace agreement with the US side.
Nevertheless, Afghanistan Presidential Office says reaching to real peace will be impossible unless there is ceasefire and modality of relations between Taliban and Pakistan clarify.
“For the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and based on peace plan suggested by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, ceasefire, addressing safe havens of Taliban in Pakistan, clarification of relations between Pakistan and Taliban and real commitment of Pakistan for maintaining peace in Afghanistan are key debatable issues that can pave the way for direct peace talks between Afghanistan government and the Taliban group,” said Latif Mahmoud, deputy spokesperson to President Ghani.
Afghanistan peace process requires honestly cooperation of Pakistan, but ending the continued war in Afghanistan is possible only if Pakistan exerts pressures on terrorist groups and take serious actions against them in its soil.
Meanwhile, role of neighboring and regional countries in particular Pakistan in Afghanistan peace process is significant. Pakistan has worked on thoughts and strategy of the Taliban group for years and currently leaders of the group are living in dignity and safely in the respective country.
To break the current deadlock of ongoing peace and reconciliation process, the government of Afghanistan needs seriously to make opportunity abroad and convince Afghans that cost for maintaining peace and stability in the country is less than the price they have paid during the past four decades.
Pakistan as a neighboring of Afghanistan should take honestly and practical steps towards the Afghan peace process and maintaining peace in the country as no country in the region will benefit from continued insecurity and war in Afghanistan.
Although Pakistan had previously promised repeatedly of cooperation with Afghanistan in peace process and maintaining peace in the country, the country has not taken any practical steps in this regard. Pakistan has been repeatedly accused of supporting terrorist groups in particular the Taliban.
It is said that more than thousands of terrorists from various countries of the world have been trained in training centers in Pakistan for the past 40 years during which they have benefited safe havens provided by ISI in various parts of Pakistan. It is worth mentioning that US special peace envoy for Afghanistan was in Kabul for talks with Afghan leaders to brief them details of his recent visits to Doha and Islamabad.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.