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US election’s impact on Afghanistan peace process & security situation


By: Lailuma Noori

US presidential election is determined to be held on 3rd November. US President Donald Trump and his rival Joe Biden have recently commented on Afghanistan peace and continued war. As the US election is about to happen, will it have impact on Afghanistan ongoing peace process and security situation or not?
Recent visions of US President Donald Trump and his rival Joe Biden on Afghanistan and plan for US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan are not similar, but their visions in connection with modality of US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan are almost the same.
In his most recent speeches, he has said that he would end the US endless wars as it is not the task of US forces to solve past disputes in faraway countries about which most even did not hear.
Based on US-Taliban peace deal signed in late February this year, all foreign forces should leave Afghanistan by May 2021 in case the Taliban keep abiding by the agreement, but on the threshold of US election and starting election campaigns in the country, Trump declared that all US forces should be home by Christmas.
Previously, US President Donald Trump had said that Washington would keep its intelligence presence in the region in case of troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.
According to Afghan political experts, results of US election have no impact on fully US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and Trump or Biden will keep a small number of US forces in Afghanistan.
US Donald Trump’s policy in connection with US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is somehow election campaign and his remarks will be kept in Twitter and not be implemented as Trump cannot decide lonely to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan.
Hashim Wahdatyar, an Afghan political expert, says both US democrats and republicans are stressing on keeping a number of US troops in Afghanistan so that it can keep its base for regional competitions with China, Iran and Russia.
Meanwhile, a Kabul University lecturer Najib Mahmoud, is not concerning over winning of Donald Trump in US coming presidential elections as Russia and China have now changed to powerful countries and Americans do not want to be criticized by the world.
This comes amid of ongoing intra-Afghan talks that started officially on 12 September in Doha, but negotiating teams of Afghanistan government and Taliban have not agreed on code of conduct for coming meetings so far. Simultaneously, insecurities and violence have increased recently in Afghanistan.
Afghanistan government and its international partners have repeatedly asked for reduction in violence, but Taliban has rejected maintaining ceasefire in the country. The people of Afghanistan have insisted on the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace talks and republic system. Stopping religious, tribal and political extremism and turning to moderate path for reaching lasting peace are needed in the country.
Now, most are waiting to see ceasefire can be maintained or not after the US presidential election set to be held on 3rd November.

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