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US Congress reiterates continued support to Afghanistan

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By: The Kabul Times

bNUG leaders stress Afghanistan-US partnership, cooperation

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah held separate meetings with US Congress delegation led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi here on Sunday night, and both sides discussed improved governance and economic development.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani welcomed the delegation at the presidential palace and thanked US support to Afghanistan in last 18 years, the statement from presidential press office said yesterday.
Thanking US sacrifices in war on terror in Afghanistan as well as the country’s support to democratic processes in Afghanistan, President Ghani said Afghanistan and US partnership will remain sustainable, the statement added.
“The 9/11 tragedy has brought a united stance for our countries and we would like to have US support in different spheres, in particular on security affairs with Afghanistan,” the president was quoted in the statement as saying.
The president went on saying that peace was the main priority, stressing that it should be owned and led by Afghans and should not undermine the achievements and constitution.
Meanwhile the Afghan side briefed the US congress delegation on progress in areas of good governance, fight against corruption, reformation in civil institution and emphasized on durable peace in the country, the statement added.
The president also called Al Qaeda and Daesh as the main threats for Afghanistan and even that of the US, adding Taliban have provided the ground for terrorist groups to carry out their destructive programs and they target innocent civilians to harm the system in the country, however they have not reached to their vicious goals, the statement quoted him as saying.
Meanwhile the Speaker Pelosi said US presence in Afghanistan aimed to suppress insurgents and they would not allow the country to once again turn into safe havens for terrorist networks. Hinting to women’s progress in the country, she said ensuring their rights were the main priority for US congress and government.
According to another report, US Congress Delegation also met with Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah at the Sapidar palace yesterday.
Dr. Abdullah thanked US generous support to Afghanistan and its sacrifices in war on terror and asked country’s continued cooperation with Afghanistan, the statement from CE Press office said.
Hinting to successful holding of the presidential election, Dr. Abdullah said Afghan people defied all kind of threats and cast their votes for their desired candidates to institutionalize democracy in the country, the statement added
Calling two countries as strategic partners, US congress speaker said the friendship ties between the two countries would be continued.
Pelosi congratulate successful holding of the presidential elections and emphasized on transparency of the process. She said Americans want a developed and peaceful Afghanistan, the statement added.
Meanwhile US congress speaker’s office in a statement said that their delegation received briefings from Ambassador John Bass and other top diplomats on reconciliation efforts with the Taliban, which has been responsible for violent attacks in Afghanistan.
Blaming Taliban for the violence, the statement added: “We also heard more about the still-pending status of results from the presidential election, which we all hope will be available soon.”
“We underscored that the women of Afghanistan must be at the table for reconciliation talks,” the statement said.
The bipartisan delegation received operational briefings from US Forces-Afghanistan commanding officer General Austin Miller and Resolute Support Mission leadership. 
“We travelled to Camp Morehead to meet with our troops and their Afghan counterparts.  We were pleased that our delegation was able to briefly compare notes with Defense Secretary Esper, who was also visiting Afghanistan.”
In addition, the delegation met civil society leaders, including Afghan women, who women have made progress in some areas.
The visiting dignitaries believed more work was needed to ensure women’s security and durable economic and educational opportunities for them.
“We will return to Washington strengthened with the facts and the first-hand knowledge we have gathered at this critical time for our nation’s Afghanistan policy and inspired by the courage of our service-members and diplomats on the front lines.” 

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