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US asks regional countries for counter terrorism in Afghanistan

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By: Suraya Raiszada

As peace efforts between US and the Taliban group have entered to 9th round of talks, unfortunately terrorism is still considered as big threat for the world and region.
US President Donald in his recent remarks has asked other countries as India, Iran and Turkey to fight terrorism in Afghanistan.
Countries like India, Iran, Russia and Turkey will have to fight terrorists in Afghanistan “at a certain point of time”, US President Donald Trump said at the White House on Wednesday, mentioning that the job against terrorism is done only by the United States.
Trump said that other nations currently are making very less efforts against the terrorists in Afghanistan.
“At a certain point Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey they are going to have to fight their battles too. We wiped out the caliphate 100 percent. I did it in record time.” Trump told reporters at the White House while responding to a question on the reemergence of Daesh in Afghanistan.
A number of Afghan lawmakers and political experts believe that terrorism is an international threat; therefore, rooting out and fighting international terrorism need a world determination.
“Unfortunately in recent years, lack of world determination for rooting out resources of terrorism has caused that efforts being made by Afghanistan give no positive results although Afghanistan government has made serious efforts to fight terrorism,” said Hashimi, a former Afghan lawmaker.
Hashimi stressed that one of debates raised always by Afghanistan government officials in national and international meetings was the presence of resources and safe havens for terrorists beyond borders, but no serious actions have been taken by the international community to root out and destroy their safe havens so far, adding that increasing threats posed by terrorist groups would continue until serious actions were not taken against resources and safe havens of terrorists in the region.
A civil society activist Safia Sediqi says those countries which are using terrorism as tools should know that the phenomenon is a common threat for the world and region; therefore, it is needed to honestly and jointly fight terrorist groups as Afghanistan is the only country whose people give big price for it on the daily basis.
“The government of Afghanistan is responsive to its people and the international community; therefore, it has fulfilled its part in all sectors,” Sediqi said, stressing that Afghanistan will never let any countries use its soil against others. She asked others to avoid interfering in internal affairs of Afghanistan too.
A number of Afghan citizens have also expressed their concern over increasing of terrorist groups and their activities in the country, stressing that peace and stability would be maintained in the region only if Pakistan stopped funding and supporting terrorist groups.
It is worth mentioning that Afghanistan has been able to raise its voice in world and region level to fully root out terrorism. Besides, Afghanistan has taken practical steps in fighting terrorism too as Afghans have given lots of sacrifices in counterterrorism effort in the past 18 years; therefore, it is time for the world to give hands to Afghanistan in fighting terrorism as joint cooperation of the world and regional countries can result in maintaining peace and stability in the country. 

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