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US announces $125 million humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan

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By: Suraya Raiszada

The U.S. Embassy in Kabul in a statement has said the additional humanitarian assistance has been announced to meet the needs of vulnerable Afghans inside Afghanistan, including internally displaced persons, conflict and flood-affected communities, and Afghan returnees.
The statement further added “This brings the total U.S. funding in this fiscal year to the Afghan humanitarian response to nearly $190 million, including for Afghan refugees in the region.”
The statement further added “The United States urges all countries to make or increase their contributions to the UN humanitarian appeal for Afghanistan, which is currently only 27 percent funded.  Additional support from the entire international community is essential to meet the urgent needs of large number of vulnerable people in Afghanistan.”
The U.S. Embassy also added that the additional U.S. funding announced today will support life-saving activities that provide emergency food, nutrition, clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, emergency health, disaster preparedness and risk reduction, shelter, protection, humanitarian coordination and logistics, and non-food items and relief commodities. 
It also supports refugee repatriation grants, education, livelihoods and other efforts to promote long-term integration of returning refugees, the statement by U.S. Embassy added.
Afghan political experts believe that the international community in particular the US continued assistance to Afghanistan is effective and now it is the responsibility of Afghanistan government to make use of the assistance in a better way to address needs of Afghans facing with various challenges and problems in the country.
“Afghanistan government should be responsive to the people in connection with aids provided by the international community and other donor countries as the international community want the assistance to be spent in a fair and transparent way in the country,” said Aziz Rafiyee, head of civil society association.
He stressed that US should provide all its humanitarian assistance to Afghans through Afghanistan government as the government is responsive to all assistance and aid provided by donor countries.
Saifuddin Saihoon, an Afghan university lecturer, says mostly people of the warn-torn countries as Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia and some other countries are suffering drought, shortage of drinking water and are usually displaced and migrated due to insecurities; therefore, to address needs of the people who are facing with increasing challenges as drought, insecurities and poverty, continued support and assistance of the international community is a need. Although the international community in particular the US has provided billions dollars in aid to Afghanistan during the past 18 years, Afghans are still facing with various challenges and problems as increasing insecurities, poverty and shortage of drinking water and health services in the country.

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