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Urgent steps should be taken to prevent electoral crisis

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While some electoral teams have recalled their observers from voting centers and have not allowed them to monitor recounting of votes in many centers, the Independent Election Commission has started votes recounting in thousands voting centers across the country.
The other day, stability and convergence team holding a protest gathering on beginning of “according to their opinion illegal recounting by IEC” asked stopping of recounting and threatened that if the IEC doesn’t stop it, they would suspend their cooperation with IEC and would resort “according to them” to peaceful and lawful protests. The leader of the team Dr. Abdullah addressing the gathering said, we say soft but would resist for it.
Prior to this, the IEC had announced that according to available procedures as well as based on laws, they would carry out recounting of these places and would make all their efforts to pave the way for releasing of initial results on its due date and time.
Addressing the media, the IEC secretary said, indeed the preliminary results are a raw result. They would be changed to wiped results only when the available complaints and reports on electoral fraud and violations are tackled by Independent Electoral Complaints, the final result are specified and be prepared to be released.
He added, they perform their jobs according to laws and procedures. If any team has an objection or complaint on the process, they can register them with IECC, and they would be certainly dealt by ECC.
According to public opinions as well as media, all these are the signs of electoral crisis that are being appeared and shaping. Some people believe that 2014 electoral crisis was started from this one point, gradually enlarged and changed to a full-scale crisis.
It is fear that if the IEC and electoral teams don’t agree somehow, the country would be witnessing greater electoral problems in the future and the 2019 presidential election may also lead to crisis, challenges that would not be restricted to current limits and would be increasing.
It requires that the IEC that should oblige itself to observe the laws as well as current procedures and agreements that had already reached with electoral teams. The IEC is obliged to convince electoral teams and the Afghan people and prevent damaging of people trust and electoral teams on them and carry out the relevant works transparently and honestly. If they fail to do so, then people’s trust would be lost, and the electoral teams would deny accepting the results.
At the same time, it requires that electoral teams should refrain seeking excuses and creating crisis, try to keep their self-control and circumspection and let the IEC to perform its work in the light of procedures and laws void of interference and in good manner.
The IEC should be given this opportunity to practice and implement all those steps and processes that ensuring and guaranteeing electoral transparency, prevent violation of citizens’ rights, separate clean from unclean votes and lead the election to acceptable results.
Let’s join our hands, prevent another electoral crisis similar to that of 2014 and don’t let the crisis to be repeated once again and problems reappear.
Afghanistan lacks capability to tolerate another electoral crisis nor current circumstances are suitable for emerge of such a crisis. Current situation is very fragile due to ongoing serious insecurity and insurgency.
Meanwhile, economic situation is facing with backbreaking problems, governance is facing with plenty of challenges. Most important of all, Afghanistan is being prepared to move towards resuming of peace talks and intra-Afghan dialogue.
It requires that all convergent political forces who were around Afghanistan new system all these years, unite and move in solidarity toward these negotiations.

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