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Upcoming presidential elections key moment to reaffirm Afghanistan’s democracy

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By: Suraya Raiszada

As preparations are underway for presidential elections set to be held on September 28th, hopes have increased among the people stressing on transparency of this national process as holding the elections is considered as key step towards democracy in the country.
Officials for Afghanistan Independent Elections Commission say all preparations have been taken for timely holding presidential elections.
Electoral watchdog organizations and a number of political experts also insist on timely holding the presidential elections, saying that the people wish to go and cast for their favorite candidates and select their future president.
“If presidential elections are not held on its exact date, people will fully stop trusting on both the government and IEC,” said Navid Elham, an Afghan political expert.
He considered peace process as long-term process, saying that elections should not be victimized of peace talks with the Taliban group.
“The international community in particular US have avoided funding the elections, but fortunately Afghanistan government has pledged and provided the country’s Independent Election Commission with financial budget for holding the upcoming presidential elections; therefore, the election should not be postponed,” Elham added.
As peace talks between US and Taliban have entered to final stages, a number of countries including US prefer peace than holding the elections in Afghanistan, but for the people of Afghanistan, both elections and peace are important.
Aminullah, a university student, believes that the position of Afghanistan government in connection with unconditionally holding the elections is quite right as the people of Afghanistan have suffered various challenges and problems in the past few decades to reach lasting peace in the country, but peace is merely under discussion on a negotiating table and that is it.
“If Taliban want peace, why they do intensify attacks on ANDSF and big cities. Our people have now understood that all countries are thinking of their own interests and doing nothing for peace. These are Afghans who are suffering the continued war in the country,” Aminullah said.
He stressed on holding the upcoming presidential elections as holding the elections was the only option towards democracy in the country where all those meeting the requirement for casting votes in the elections were ready to participate and cast votes for their favorite candidate. He added if the national process was not held, it would put negative impacts on the public. On the other hand, Afghan political experts are insisting on transparency in this national process, asking all presidential candidates to describe their programs to the people.
“All the people want a transparent and fair presidential election as holding a transparent election can guarantee the coming government which will be also trusted by the people,” said Ali Rahmani, an Afghan political expert.
It is worth mentioning that on 28th September all those meeting the requirement will go to cast votes for their favorite candidate and select the next president of the country. It will be the fourth time in which Afghans select their president through the elections.


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