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Upcoming presidential election key to reaffirm legitimacy of democratic system


One of the basic political issues in Afghanistan is fraud-tainted and controversial election process and election system. Though there have been a few presidential and parliamentary elections in the country, the basic structure for a fraud-free and transparent election has not been developed. The election processes have been vehemently dominated by allegations of fraud and misconduct, and the election commissions, both Independent Election Commission (IEC) and Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) of Afghanistan, have not been able to function independently.
Speaking at a conference tilted “Women’s Participation in Election,” here on Monday, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah warned against the recurrence of 2014 poll’s scenario in the upcoming presidential election, saying if that happened it will lead to an irreversible catastrophe. He also said that the past elections’ challenges and experiences should be a lesson for moving forward toward a better future.
Dr. Abdullah continued that conducting election was a turning-point for Afghans’ fate, therefore it must be a free and fair election. “As we are saying that each person has the right to vote one time, then it must be translated into practice.”
In true sense, elections let the public govern themselves; therefore, in a democratic state government is not anything beyond the General Will. People get the chance of listening the motives and mottos of the leaders and they get time even to analyze them properly. Afterward, they are given chance of casting their votes and choosing the leaders whom they consider capable enough to govern them.
It is possible that the leaders who are chosen to form government may not be the best, but they are better than the ones who are not chosen by the will of the majority as every nation in the world have the right to choose what they think better for themselves, without bringing harm to others. 
While motivating women to use their rights to suffrage and choose a better future, the Chief Executive said that election was not only for few figures, but it was a national process that belonged to all.  According to him in one hand a group doesn’t believe in the election and thinks that deciding the fate is possible through other means such as via war, violence and terrorist activities but on the other hand there are majority of Afghan people who all believe in the democratic practice of vote for deciding their fate, so they should not disappointed.”
Recently, there have been different sorts of discussions regarding transparent and timely holding of the upcoming presidential elections. The candidates and government officials have time and again emphasized that there should be no repetition of the previous elections’ mistakes and electoral commissions should do more to prevent fraud and provide a safe and sound environment for the presidential elections.
In order to safeguard democracy and achievements made in last 18 years, Afghans need to vote in upcoming elections and avoid deforestation by dominancy of dictatorship. Then they will be able to have true democracy and would be able to stand strong against political and economic challenges. Meanwhile upcoming presidential election in Afghanistan would be ‘key moment’ to reaffirm legitimacy of democratic political structure. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.