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Unprecedented Islamic scholars’ consensus against Taliban’s war

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One of the main questions which were repeatedly debated in last two decades was whether the war in Afghanistan is religious or political? According to Afghan people, Afghan government and Afghan political community, the International community are present in the country on the basis of mutual interests and strategic agreement between the Afghan government and international forces led-by- the US.
In May 2018, a large group of religious scholars from Afghanistan, Indonesia and Pakistan gathered in Jakarta to discuss the roots and reasons of the ongoing war in Afghanistan and find a durable peace solution for the conflicts of war-torn country. After long discussions, the Islamic scholars of three countries had issued a joint declaration on the war and peace in Afghanistan, in which they promulgated their opposition against the terrorism and extremism and ending war in Afghanistan.
They stressed that that war and violence have no place in Islam and that Islam is the religion of peace and true believers should put into practice what this religion has said.  They appreciated the regional countries, Muslim nations and the international community’s support to the Afghan peace process.
Meanwhile, clerics and scholars in Iran have declared their full support for a ceasefire and the end to hostilities and bloodshed in Afghanistan, following a joint symposium on the Afghan peace process that was issued on Sunday.
In a joint statement issued by the clerics and scholars, they called for peace talks to move forward and for continued efforts on the part of regional and global countries to end the war and to preserve the achievements made over the past 20 years, within a Republic system.
“The clerics and scholars participating in the conference, referring to the ongoing peace talks, stressed that the scholars of the Islamic world should rely on the holy Quran and the custom of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) to strengthen Islamic unity and brotherhood and achieve lasting peace and continue their joint and comprehensive efforts in Afghanistan,” read the statement.
Many world and regional countries, including that of the Muslim nations condemning the ongoing war and bloodshed and calling it against Islamic principles. No room has left for Taliban to justify their war and bloodshed campaign. The group has time and again asked to prove their will for peace and stability with announcing ceasefire and joining the intra-Afghan talks.
Now that the Taliban and the US has signed peace agreement and the foreign forces are going to leave the country without war, the religious justification of war has been automatically abolished. However, it seems that the Taliban has also accepted a relative presence of foreigners in the country.
The Taliban’s moves which is overtly in paradox to their Jihad ideology, has been widely faced with criticism in national and international level. In national level, religious scholars condemned killings of security forces and civilians saying there is no more justification for Taliban to continue war against Afghan Muslim people.
Meanwhile, President Ghani also criticized the Taliban for continuing attacks on the Afghan security forces, saying there is no space for the Taliban to fight while they have agreed to make peace with foreigners.
There is a great and unprecedented consensus among Islamic scholars, that unitedly asking Taliban to shun violence and join peace process. Ignoring such a call means that the group do not believe in peace, rather seeking absolute power and restoration of their emirate system.

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