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Unprecedent regional consensus behind Afghan peace process

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A Taliban spokesman in Doha, where talks are being held with US Special Envoy to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad, pointed out that both the US and the Taliban had already agreed on a ceasefire and reduction of attacks on Afghan government and its armed forces.
While a ten-day ceasefire with the US has been agreed on and there has been a decline in attacks on the Afghan armed forces according to Taliban sources, it is uncertain when these may resume. The Taliban, however, say that once the peace accord is signed, they will start acting on the ceasefire plan and their fighters would reduce attacks including suicide bombings and target killings across Afghanistan.
But the Afghan government has insisted that a full ceasefire would be the pre-condition for peace talks. The political experts also believe that reeducation of violence won’t bear any positive result, but the war and bloodshed campaign of the insurgent groups would be continued. They believe that political wings of Taliban don’t have control on their military commanders and that’s why they are insisting on reduction of violence rather than complete ceasefire.
Meanwhile a number of countries, including Pakistan, China, India and the US has welcomed Taliban’s recent stance, asking the group to further show honesty on their promises and commitments before peace in the war-torn country. The countries also requested that the US ensure a ‘responsible’ withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and avoid repeating the mistakes of the pullout in the 1980s, which had created a vacuum for destructive forces to take over and was poorly planned and hastily implemented.
One of the positive developments in terms of the peace process in Afghanistan is the relative support of the neighboring countries; though it is not clear how much they really support the process, and will they end supporting the terrorist groups or not in the future.
In general, the neighboring countries of Afghanistan including Iran and Pakistan have voiced their support from the Afghan peace talks; They see peace talks essential for a secure and stable Afghanistan for restoring peace and stability in the region and call on the regional and international community to cooperate with each other to end the conflict and restore peace in Afghanistan. 
Besides to international support of the process, an Intra-Afghan peace talks provide a unique opportunity and a crucial responsibility for each and every Afghan citizen. The unique opportunity is that as a citizen each of us shall contribute and cooperate to succeed this process. And the crucial responsibility that each one of us has is to ensure that, the two decades of democratic achievements, our basic rights including human rights and women rights will not be compromised with the Taliban group.
Afghan government’s efforts for peace in the country is commendable. Meanwhile the government efforts led to unprecedented regional consensus behind Afghan peace process. Therefore, a stable Afghanistan is essential to peace in the region and an end to the militancy that has since 2001 ravaged Afghanistan. Peace in Afghanistan, withdrawal of US troops and a ceasefire between all fighting forces is essential to an end to bloodshed in the region and a peaceful future for the nations which have suffered the brunt of the militancy experienced since 2001.

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