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Unpleasant incidents should be investigated soon

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Last Thursday, as a result of fire accident in Kabul city, hundreds shops were burnt and worth millions of dollars, the merchandize of traders and shopkeepers of Jada-i-Nader Pashtoon were changed into ashes.
What is reflected through media, fire fighting and forces tasked for extinguishing of fire could kill the fire after 12 hours that in this period, hundreds shops sat ablaze in four markets located at this avenue.
Although it is unknown what was the factor behind this incident but it is neither for the first time such unpleasant incident was occurred nor the last one in Kabul city. In previous years too, we were the witnesses of such incidents that one of them was setting ablaze of Nasseri market located in central market of Kabul city and other in a market where wood-made means were sold in Salang Watt, and another in Mirwais Maidan.
Fortunately sans material losses, this incident had no casualty behind.
What has been said in the connection is this that Afghanistan is not only the witness of such incidents but other countries also witnessed the same.
For example: last year, Moscow and Bangladesh few years back was the witness of setting ablaze of a garment market, but, there are some differences in the connection.
One of these differences is this that such incidents are occurring rarely in other countries but vice versa in our country, more incidents are occurring.
Another difference is the know how of its investigation.
Unfortunately, all resources were tasked for on-time extinguishing were failed so that to prevent from further losses.
Twelve hours have been passed so that official and non official resources did to halt and control the firing.
Cities and their markets were built in our country as traditionally and this made the cities and markets be vulnerable more. The safety cases have not been observed in them and the rescue teams efforts horne no immediate achievements.
The heating system is very primarily and such system would create tragic incidents and meager problems would have behind collusal losses.
Another reason behind occurrence of such events is lowering of capacities and limited existence of possibilities in the access of organs concerned.
Extinguishing department has no necessary possibilities to timely address the problems and safe public properties and halt the fire.
Charity institutions and aid-workers lack such possibilities. So, they fall short to investigate such cases on its due time.
It is necessary the capacities available in police organization for extinguishing fire be heightened and those personnel who are involving in this connection to see further training.
Beside police, the charity institutions and active volunteers should be established and equipped with modern means and be in a red alert to prevent from further losses in such states.
Another issue is equipment of commercial centers with self-safety possibilities and the owners of markets and traders should train in the connection.
In short, for curbing of such incidents in important markets much should be done.
Safety of properties and working places guarantees the growth of economy. If necessary safety not be available, this would cause the economic activities be reduced. Afghanistan is in need of much effort for establishment of a concentrated economy and the ground be prepared more for growth and development of economy in the country. The Kabul Times

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