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University student creates smart cane for blinds

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By: Suraya Raiszada

A number of Afghan youth have extraordinary talents and have been able to create and invent various tools besides keeping on their education and higher education in the country. One of these youths is Salam Sediqi, who is 20 years and studying biomedical engineering at Lovely Professional University in India, has been able to create a smart cane for blinds.
In an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, Salam Sediqi said: “Since I was a child, I’ve been interested in making and creating such tool. Finally, with close support and cooperation of my family, I did it and started to create a cane.”
“The smart cane I’ve created can give warning to the blind from distance of one meter when there is any obstacle ahead. It can detect an obstacle within one meter and upon detecting any obstacle, it starts vibrating and giving warning to the blind to change his direction,” Sediqi said.

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He said that the smart cane was chargeable and could be also charged through the power bank, adding that it had also the water sensor instrument that could detect water when the cane got entered the water within seven centimeter.
“The cane gives warning when a blind having he cane walks in the water,” Sediqi added.
In connection with creation of the smart cane, Salam Sediqi says the only person who has helping and cooperating with me was my family, but he says no organization has helped him in this regard.
He stressed that his university would like to cooperate with me, but he was interested in serving his people and country. He said at first his university did not trust on him if he could create the cane, but now the university was supporting him.
Related to his future plan, the young Afghan student said: “I have a plan in future to create the best canes and I will grant the smart cane I’ve created to the only blind school in Afghanistan as I’m in close contact with the school.”
“If my work is sponsored, I’ll produce them and provide to the Afghan blinds,” Sediqi said, adding that no organization or people have promised to sponsor my work so far.
Salam Sediqi, who is studying biomedical engineering at a university in India, is very interested in creation and invention other medical instruments for patients so that he can serve his people in particular those suffering various diseases inside the country.
Sediqi has a clear message to those who are uneducated and illiterate and those addicted to narcotics. “I’m asking the new and young generation of Afghanistan to make effort in their life and make use of their creativities in a better way,” Sediqi said, asking the government of Afghanistan in particular the ministry of education to seriously work on a standard educational curriculum for Afghan children.
He hopes the government Afghanistan supports Afghan creative youth and their talents and not let the Afghan future builders leave for other countries.

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