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Universities should be included in sustainable development goals, CE

دانشگاه‌ها شامل برنامه اهداف انکشاف پایدار شوند

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in a conference titled ‘Role of Universities in Implementation of sustainable Development in Afghanistan’ said all higher education institutions and universities should be included in sustainable development program.
“Today sustainable development does not only embrace economic issues, but it includes gender equality, social needs, public awareness and training to which we should access,” said Dr. Abdullah, speaking in the conference held in government media center.
The country’s chief executive stressed that national priorities could help them reach sustainable development goals.
“At the beginning, our goal was to open doors of schools to children, while access to education is still our working priorities, but today making use of modern technology is a need,” chief executive said, adding that it is needed to reach principal goals and opportunities we have lost due to continued war in the country.
The country’s chief executive further said that inclusiveness of research institutions and those working towards economic issues was so important; therefore, effort should be made to include all higher institutions and universities in sustainable development program.
Meanwhile, minister of economy Dr. Mustafa Mastoor said that Afghanistan did not have electricity so far as mostly electricity was being imported from neighboring countries, saying if ways were paved for electricity inside the country, it would help grow the country’s economy, but continued war has faced such opportunities with challenges.
Mastoor asserted that the ministry of economy as a coordinator of economic programs has taken practical steps towards sustainable development programs as more than 76 awareness and training programs have been launched in various fields.

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