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Unity, nationwide cooperation key to lasting peace

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The oath taking ceremony of the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was held on Monday in the presidential palace. With performing of oath taking ceremony, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani who was declared winner of the September 28, 2019 presidential election by Independent Election Commission, officially reassumed office as president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and election season and electoral competition were practically ended and a new chapter was opened in national life of the Afghan people, that could be called as the convergence chapter.
In this chapter, all Afghan individuals, political parties, factions, civil society… should make efforts beside each other and together to reach a bright and peaceful future for their people and country. We should rescue our country from current problems and challenges and set up a prosperous and fortune society.
Afghanistan has lived over four decades particularly 20 years past Bonn Conference in devastating crisis and bloody wars, violence and conflicts which are unfortunately going on now and victimize the innocent Afghan people. We should cooperate each other to end the decades long wars and violence through a peaceful process that has entered a new phase recently as the Afghan people are strongly thirsty of peace and need ending of violence and conflicts.
This desire cannot be achieved unless all political factions sincerely cooperate. Continued and extensive work and efforts are needed for rebuilding, progress and development of this country. Our country is a ruined territory affected by numerous disorders. It is impossible to develop it, unless all of us join hands and make collective efforts.
In convergence chapter, all political forces and independent politicians should unite and join hands, all capacities should be mobilized in this direction and all available potentials must be exploited to attain this goal.
Electoral rivalries must be put a side, politicians and political parties, men, women, old and young should work to eliminate remnants of electoral rivalries and improve convergence and solidarity of the Afghan people.
Afghanistan today is in dire need of sincere nationwide cooperation of all political forces. Unity and solidarity are the solution for salvation of Afghanistan.
In all historical ups and downs, only a nation is victorious who are united, and convergence dominate all political forces. But disunity would further deteriorate the situation and would give the upper hand to Taliban in peace negotiations as well as would prove the way for other terrorists to further disrupt the life of common masses in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.