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Unity, national interest a must in presidential campaigns

Possible Election Candidates

Electoral campaigns for upcoming presidential elections started at mid-night on Sunday and the presidential candidates are expected to continue their campaigns according to certain procedures, prevailing regulations and elections law for two months.
Concerns on disturbing factors of order and security are also increasing that could challenge electoral campaigns. It is possible that electoral campaigns may face certain situations that would victimize candidates, the officials responsible as well as the candidates’ followers and create plenty of problems and challenges ahead of them. Because the armed opponents and militants led by Taliban have already expressed their disagreement with the elections and the democratic processes.
Quoting Taliban spokesman, media reported that Taliban consider holding of elections a conspiracy of foreigners and announced that dependent figures to foreigners want to dominate the country’s destiny through elections and take over the government. In previous elections Taliban attacked polling centers and martyred citizens as well as capturing voters, chopping off their fingers and harmed them.
Taliban disagree the elections because they think that it would display the system acceptability among citizens in one hand and causes improvement of the government’s legality base and result in its legitimacy on the other.
For nearly two decades now, the current system has been accepted and enjoys legitimacy stems from the citizens vote through a mechanism called elections and free determination of the people.
This is strongly possible that Taliban and other armed anti-government insurgents with the support of certain regional countries try to threaten security of upcoming elections and victimize large number of innocent people including citizens, IEC officials, candidates, their campaigners as well as Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and like before concentrate all their efforts to prevent election or at least would attempt to prevent participation of majority of voters to polling centers.
Relevant security bodies are required to adopt extensive, effective and construction measures to prevent all above possible situations, for protection of poling centers, IEC offices, candidates and their supporters and campaigners as well as voters.
Meanwhile the international observers have to monitor the process so as to ensure the transparency of the election, so that to be an acceptable process for all the Afghan people and the world community.
Meanwhile since the National Unity Government Leaders are racing for the upcoming presidential elections, steps should be taken to prevent any interferences in the election and the electoral bodies should implement all rules and regulations stated in Electoral Law.
Election is conducted to support democracy and rule of law and safeguard the rights and freedoms of citizens. If election brings no changes in the country and people could not exercise their rights and freedoms, it will carry no significance and people will remain indifferent. Hence, election should bring positive changes in the country and the candidates racing for the upcoming elections should avoid any language and word that undermine the national interest of the country as well as bring about disunity and gaps among the tribes.
Considering the current situation, the candidates are required to further work for unity, national interest and welfare of the Afghan people. Afghan nation has suffered near four decades of devastating war and they no longer tolerate any word and steps that deteriorate the situation. The last eighteen years’ achievements can be safeguarded if all candidates, their followers and the citizens truly work for national unity, cohesion and development of the war-hit country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.