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Unity, mystery behind victory

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Afghanistan celebrated the National Salvation Day on February 15. The day has been registered as a day in our history in which the right cause of our great people produced fruit and one of the biggest hegemonic superpowers of the human history bowed against the determination of Afghan people and inevitably withdrew its military forces and returned to their eminent collapsing empire at the time that had sustained thousands casualties and huge financial damages.
This incident was one of the biggest and unprecedented events in the human history particularly in contemporary history of the country. Prior to this there wasn’t such a shameful invasion and humiliating failure, a defeat that caused overthrowing of the defunct USSR empire, rescued large number of nations and territories from the colonial yoke of Soviet Union and buried the theory of communism in the graveyard of history.
The reason that caused Afghanistan to achieve this unique victory was national unity and solidarity of people. With their heroic and unique unity and convergence, Afghan people started struggle, entered the battlefields against the invading Red Army, defended their dignity, honors and believes and imposed the biggest defeat on invaders. The mystery behind victory of our people in this unequal war was their unity and solidarity that has been recognized as the most important historical tradition and the biggest religious and Islamic value.
Islam has always been inviting the Muslims to unity and solidarity and forbidden them from divergence and disunity. Islam has considered unity of Muslims ranks as important factor of victory and disunity, dispute and disagreement as the cause of failure and overthrowing of power and energy of Islamic Community. Holy Quran says, “Obey Allah and his Prophet, don’t dispute each other that weaken you, and destroys your power and arrogance. Adopt patience, Allah is with all those seeking patience”.
Right now the Afghan people are fighting the international terrorism and at present over 20 terror groups are fighting the Afghan government and like before, Afghans are once again in urgent need of unity and national solidarity that is essential to lead the people to victory, as the victory against the Red Army of the former USSR was possible only through this means.
Every time that the people have been united, achieved victory, overcame enemies and didn’t allow them to implement their goals and materialized their dreams and contrary to these, they have lost everything and missed golden opportunities.
The events of 1980s are a testimony to our claim. Due to dispute and disunity and disagreement among political parties and factions our people lost everything. Disagreement and disunity caused devastation of our infrastructures, killing of thousands innocent Afghans disability and migration and displacement of hundreds of thousand others.
As in the battlefields of war on terror our people need unity and convergence, they need the same in peace talks too, because sans unity and solidarity peace can’t be restored in our homeland and can’t put end to the urgent problems. We should know that unity is a key to victory.

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