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Unity a must to achieve lasting peace in Afghanistan

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The Intra-Afghan dialogue in Doha, the capital of Qatar, has come to end yesterday and participants called for decline in violence, release of elder and sick inmates, allowing women the rights of education and work within Islamic teaching and seeking support and assistance of international community in post-peace era.
In a joint statement, all participants agreed that achieving sustainable, throughout and a dignified peace which is the demand of the Afghan people was only possible via inclusive Afghan negotiations.
The participants, including Taliban, civil society and media representatives as well as the politicians reiterated that Afghanistan is a united, Islamic country and home for all different ethnicities and added that all Afghans were committed to Islamic sovereignty, social and political justice, national unity and territorial sovereignty.
The participants agreed that since the people of Afghanistan had been suffering daily due to ongoing war and its therefore, necessary that the conflict parties avoid threats, revenges and conflicting words, shall use soft terminologies and words during their official gatherings, and shall not fuel the conflict and revenge.
The peace negotiation has been a highly controversial issue within the last decade. Afghanistan and its allies have invariably urged the Taliban outfit to stop violence and bloodshed, which will benefit no parties. However, violence continued and took immense casualties in thousands of lives. The protracted war lingered with a lull and surge.
But recent intra-Afghan dialogue has increased hopes among Afghan masses, in particular when the Taliban committed to reduce violence and attacks on religious and educational centers, public and working places. This has been a big achievement in ongoing national and international efforts to decrease level of violence in war-hit country.
Afghanistan is a country with multi-ethnic groups and there is common ground for national unity such as religion, Islamic culture, nationality, etc. Constitutionally, the differences and varieties are accepted without discrimination and all Afghan citizens have equal rights and duties before the law. Since all Afghans form a single nation, regardless of their accidental backgrounds, they will have to nurture the spirit of brotherhood and live with peace.
Besides peace, Afghanistan also needs national unanimity more than ever before. It is believed that there are many hands working behind the scenes to stoke sectarianism and split the nation. There are a number of regional and international militants that carrying out attacks against Afghan nation. Their presence is not an impromptu incident but a preplanned and systematic decision that has been mapped out by masterminds and the militants are the vehicle for carrying out their plans.
Perhaps, there are also some who muddy the water through touching sore points or spreading propaganda in cyberspace just to create a national gap. Taliban, politicians and the Afghans as a whole should be on the alert for this issue and uphold national unity in the best possible way so as to live in peace and harmony.

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