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Unified negotiation team essential for peace talks

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In an exclusive interview with local TV in Kabul, TOLO TV, the US special envoy for Afghanistan reconciliation, Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad asked government to setup an inclusive negotiating delegation with the presence of representatives of all political forces, adding such act to prevent disorder of talks with Taliban.
Khalilzad words are in fact the demand of the country’s public opinion and the government too. At the present, Kabul political atmosphere is affected by election. Electoral teams are preparing to compete in presidential elections. Political decision makings are also affected by electoral atmosphere. Most participating teams in Moscow meeting, were those who are expected to compete president Ghani in upcoming elections. But discussion with Taliban and end of war must be followed void of political competitions.
Taliban have been fighting the post-Bonn system in the last 17 years. The Post-Bonn political system was based on competitive policy and partnership government that both were implemented under a modern republic and the constitution has institutionalized it.
Under the umbrella of republic, election will be organized based on the constitution. Taliban are not under this umbrella. Therefore, all those who have gathered under the constitution of the republic and were present in it in the last 17 years, have common ideas and interests and must talk with Taliban with a single voice.
The electoral teams should not use talks with Taliban as an instrument which would be no only affecting the current system, but also would deteriorate the political situation in the country.
All political forces should gather under the government ceiling and establish a single inclusive negotiating team for talks with Taliban. If all political forces have a single voice and united position and the Taliban group would also have to talk with them. The Taliban have not felt yet that are facing a single address of the republic of Afghanistan and all political forces belong to it.
It should be realized that talks with Taliban relates to all political forces, civil society activists and women rights advocates in one way or another. When the talks take place with a rebel force and concludes, the politics and power relations changes totally and this issue impacts life of majority of the population and position of political forces. Therefore, its necessary that they should consult with political forces and government needed to setup an inclusive negotiating team.
Using of insulting words to the address of government or other political forces and refusal to talk with them don’t help improvement of Afghanistan position in talks with Taliban. All political forces should have presence in the combination of the government negotiating team so to represent a colorful, multi-cultural and politically pluralistic Afghanistan.
It is important to improve coordination with global allies of Afghanistan. No difference of opinion or style should result in destruction of Kabul relations with its allies and private styles must be marginalized in favor of Afghanistan national interests.

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