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UN stresses on regional consensus for peace in Afghanistan

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By: Suraya Raiszada

UN officials in Kabul have stressed that programs have been set to be implemented in Afghanistan for decade of change till 2024. They also insisted on reginal consensus for peace in Afghanistan.
Tadamichi Yamamoto, head of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) on Monday at the Security Council meeting entreated Afghan candidates and other stakeholders to continue supporting the Afghan election process.
“I call upon all stakeholders to enable the electoral institutions to exercise their responsibilities in full, including by addressing all complaints through the appropriate legal and institutional channels. Once electoral complaints have been adjudicated in accordance with the law, I urge the candidates and their supporters to accept the outcome. When the election is completed with credibility, it will become a milestone in the history of establishing a representative political system of the country.”
Pointing to assassination of Nakamura in Afghanistan, Yamamoto expressed concern over attacking on welfare organizations’ members in the country, considering such attacks as unacceptable.
He also expressed concern over high civilian casualty rates and the targeting of aid workers and human rights advocates and emphasized that the peace process must move forward.
Based on information of UNAMA, 2563 Afghan civilians have been killed and 5676 others wounded during the past three months.
Yamamoto considered peace talks as the most significant priorities for Afghanistan, stressing on need for maintaining ceasefire and reduction of violence in the country.
“The Afghan peace process should be led and owned by Afghans,” Yamamoto said, asking regional countries for consensus in connection with maintaining peace in Afghanistan.
He added that Afghanistan government should have modern programs for peace in the country to strengthen achievements of the past two decades in particular in connection with human and women rights.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan permanent representative to the United Nations Adela Raz at the United Nations Security Council meeting delivered speech and by pointing to terrorism, al Qaeda and Daesh in Afghanistan blamed the Taliban group for pavement the ways for presence of other terrorist groups in Afghanistan.
“Looking forward, our focus should not only be on defeating terrorists on the ground, but also on countering their extremist ideologies and the sources of financing from their nexus with organized crime and the illegal narcotics trade,” Raz added.
At the UNSC, Afghanistan Youth Representative Aisha Khurram also made a powerful call for the Council to play an active role in the peace process.
She strongly advocated for the inclusion of youth in Afghanistan, where 2/3 of the population are under 25.
Although peace efforts are underway in national and international level, Taliban are still keeping violence, suicide attacks, explosion and killing of our Afghan innocent civilians as the group has recently conducted a complex attack on Bagram airfield where tens of innocent civilians have sustained injuries.
Despite of all negative acts taken by the Taliban group in recent months, Afghanistan government is still trying to end the continued war through peace negotiations, stressing on role and presence of regional countries in ongoing peace efforts.

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