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UN sanctions against Daesh-K

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on Thursday welcomed the United Nations Security Council’s decision to include Daesh’s Khorasan branch on its sanctions list. The UN said the militant group has carried out dozens of terror attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan. 
“In accordance with paragraph 13 of resolution 1822 (2008) and subsequent related resolutions, the ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee makes accessible a narrative summary of reasons for the listing for individuals, groups, undertakings and entities included in the ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida Sanctions List,” the UNSC said in a statement Wednesday.
According to MoFA statement, all groups which are fighting against the brave Afghan security forces, they are considered terrorists, and those who have a role in destabilizing Afghanistan are also terrorists. “We welcome the move by the UN to put the terrorists on its backlists and we hope that this process will continue so that no terror group is able to operate freely.”
Daesh has targeted innocent people in their attacks in Afghanistan. Afghans warmly welcome the decision by the United Nations Security Council to impose sanctions on those terrorist groups whose hands are stained with the blood of the people. Daesh whether we call it a regional or ultra-regional group is involved in tragic incidents in Afghanistan. There is possibility that blacklisting of these groups will bring some changes in the situation, but it is still not clear to what extent.
The destructive role of Daesh in Afghanistan must not be underestimated – as it has already maneuvered its power across the country through beheading the civilians. The emergence of Daesh group has left the nation at the mercy of greater threat and made the political structure more fragile.
Therefore, this militant group must be fought with all forces so as not to prolong the militancy the same as the Taliban insurgents.  The counterinsurgency being carried out by Afghan soldiers and US decision to target members of Daesh fighters will mitigate the militancy in Afghanistan and strong military operation is the only effective strategy to be adopted in this regard. Meanwhile beside military actions, sanctions against the group would also help weak their destructive role in the country.
Daesh has been changed into global threat and it is under the world discussion. Similarly, it seeks foothold in Afghanistan intending to spearhead war across the country. No doubt IS deciding to extend its sphere of power in war-torn countries, so as to fish in troubled water. They group has time and again targeted minorities, Shiite community and even that of the Sunni people to bring about sectarian differences.
Meanwhile, Afghan forces fight against Daesh is commendable and considering their eye-catching achievements in war against the militants and to campaign against them in effective way, government and the allies should intensify their attacks – not only defensive but also offensive ones. Furthermore, the government has to tighten the border security in close coordination with neighboring countries so that militants no more be able to cross the country’s porous borders and threaten the life of innocent masses in Afghanistan.
Prayerfully, the nation will be able to exercise its rights soon in a country void of violence and terror and there will be no room for the terrorist networks in Afghanistan. 

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