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UN requests US $750m for Afghanistan drought crisis

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Expressing concern on continued drought in Afghanistan, the UN authorities have requested US $ 750m from the world community to provide food and fodder for people and animals respectively in drought hit areas.
UN officials announced that about two million people have been affected of drought in 22 provinces of Afghanistan and are in urgent humanitarian relief aids.
Based on statement of UNOCHA, the world assistance are needed here and warns that otherwise a humanitarian catastrophe would occure here. After his visit to drought hit provinces, the UN official Tobe Linzer said, if in six months essential measures are not adopted for supply of food and fodder, a catastrophe would happen in these areas.
Beside wars and insecurities, poverty and drought are serious threats for the Afghan people as currently nine million people are being threatened by starvation.
Economist and member of Afghanistan Acadey of Sciences Sher Ali Tazri said, for better implementation of its economic plans, the Afghan government should present a comprehensive plan to donors in order to get their assistance to fight poverty and drought.
He addressed lack of a precise economic development plan, lack of good governance in the last 17 years as factors caused increasing poverty in the country.
Civil society activist Safia Siddiqi said, no doubt Afghanistan has good opportunities that could take economic advantage with their introduction to donors that would provide good grounds for elimination of poverty.
She added, unfortunately in the last over 16 years, most global assistance have not been invested in infrastructural sectors and these sectors have not been properly exploited.
Ms. Siddiqi believes that certain works have been done for roads construction but no substantial attention was invited for sector of Afghan agriculture in which over 80 pc people are involved.
Expressing concern on drought and IDPs situation, the officials of Minister of State for Disaster Management said that the Ministries of agriculture, MRRD, MoPH and MRR have been tasked to undertake preventive plan on these sections. Based on official data, Ghor, Badghis, Farah, Helmand, Zabul, Uruzgan, Jawzjan provinces have been more damaged than others.
The authorities of the MoSDM said, they try to prevent displacement of drought hit people. Due to recent drought, a number of families have been displaced from their native home villages to other places and ask the government to provide them with urgent aids.
Akhter Mohammad a resident of Badghis who has been displaced with his family six months ago, said with my children I am living in a rental house in Chelsotoon area, Kabul city. I lost all my assets, house equipments and animals and came to Kabul.
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