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UN play key role in peace talks

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United Nations as a trusted entity will continue cooperation with Afghanistan in peace talks.
The entity’s secretary general asked for holding peace negotiations between the government of Afghanistan and Taliban, adding the process will follow with suitable results if its intra-Afghani.
According to a report presented to the United Nations Security Council, UN secretary general Antonio Guterres said current improvements suggested that there is chance to end 17 years war in the country.
Afghan-led and owned peace negotiations will pave the way to reach a lasting agreement, he added.
At the same time, Afghanistan’s High Peace Council (HPC) is getting prepared to attend 6th round of negotiations expected to be held in Qataron March 26, between the US officials and Taliban representatives.
However, the Taliban rejected face-to-face negotiations with the government of Afghanistan but stress on withdrawal of foreign forces from the country as a pre-condition.
Discussions are ongoing among the public people, politicians, civil society activists and the government of Afghanistan on Qatar meeting, HPC deputy Haji Deen Mohammad said.
If the HPC members are allowed, we would also attend that meeting, he went on to say.
The fifth round of peace negotiations held in Qatar between the Taliban representatives and US officials, both sides discussed and agreed upon fighting insurgency, withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, beginning intra-Afghani negotiations and ceasefire.
Calling sixth round of negotiations important to succeed peace process, a university teacher and international relations expert Wadir Safi said if he government of Afghanistan attended the meeting, it would be a good step toward maintaining lasting peace in the country, but if it doesn’t follow with fruitful results, the meetings will continue.
Besides, a number of civil society entities believe that the ground is prepared to start peace talks with the Taliban and it should be benefited.
“The warring-side are sick of war and the regional situation indicate that war should be ended in Afghanistan,” head of Afghanistan’s civil society association Aziz Rafi said.
The people of Afghanistan expect the UN to support peace process and practically step up in uprooting war in the country.
Therefore, the government should manage peace process in national, regional and international levels and legitimate interests of neighboring and stakeholder countries as well as continued cooperation of UN from peace process are among the issues that should be considered in foreign policy.
Lailuma Noori

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