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UN asking for urgent ceasefire in war-battered countries including Afghanistan

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By: Lailuma Noori

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has asked for urgent ceasefire in warn-torn countries including Afghanistan.
Based on reports, Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary-General called on all countries including Afghanistan, Lebanon and disputed area in border between Azerbaijan and Armenia for ending violence and urgent ceasefire.
“Ahead of UN Day, I reinforce my appeal for a global ceasefire so we can devote all our energies to fighting COVID-19,” the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on UN Day.
He said that now it was time for a stepped-up push for peace to achieve a global ceasefire as the clock was ticking.
Nearly 180 UN member countries, more than 800 welfare organizations and 20 armed groups have responded and said “yes” to the UN Secretary-General’s appeal for ceasefire and shown their tendency for maintaining temporary ceasefire, while some elements still have not responded to the appeal in some countries and areas.
In Afghanistan, despite of active presence of UN, a large number of people are losing their lives due to increasing insecurities and continued war although maintaining peace and stability is the responsibility of Afghans themselves.
Afghans should hold the responsibility to resolve problems in their country, but the UN as a prestigious address can help Afghanistan reach lasting peace and stability. Currently, maintaining peace and stability in world countries are considered as the UN significant and principal mission. Nevertheless, there are different visions and views in connection with role and effectiveness of UN in the country.
A number of Afghan political and international experts by criticizing the United Nations say dozens of Afghan innocent civilian are killed and wounded on daily basis despite of active presence of the UN in Afghanistan.
Although role of the UN in connection with maintaining human rights and reconstruction of Afghanistan cannot be ignored, it is true what Afghan experts say that UN has not done much for maintaining peace and stability in the country.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan Strategic Studies says UN has not succeeded to convince powerful countries in the world and region that lasting peace in Afghanistan is in the benefit of all countries.
Nevertheless, a source from the UN office in Afghanistan says positive changes have been now seen in the country as a result of the UN continued efforts. The United Nations Assistance Mission for Afghanistan (UNAMA) has been a successful organization which has made continued efforts in all key sectors particularly education and health.
Besides current challenges in Afghanistan, inattention of a number of powerful countries has put negative impacts on effective role and activities of UN.
Afghanistan is among countries for which the UN appealed urgent ceasefire, but despite the fact that peace talks have already started between Afghanistan government and Taliban in Qatar, the appeal has not been responded so far.
It is worth mentioning that intra-Afghan talks started between Afghanistan government and Taliban negotiating teams in Qatar on 12 September and it was hoped that by starting the peace talks between the two sides ceasefire would be exercised, but no progress has seen in the past several weeks.
Afghanistan government has already clarified its position that ceasefire should be maintained before any talks about future of Afghanistan, but Taliban has rejected the appeal made by UN and Afghanistan government repeatedly.

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