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UCA blames corruption for fueling war

۶اسد۱۳۹۷ کنفرانس مطبو عاتی منمبر علییه فساد اداری ع خیر محمد

KABUL: The leadership of the Ulama Council of Afghanistan and the Attorney General’s Office on Saturday embarked on a two-day consultation meeting on rule of law and corruption in public offices in the country.
The meeting enabled delegates to exchange ideas on ways to cope with corruption and eliminate it from government offices.
The delegates will present the results of their talks to the Presidential Palace after they wrap up their meeting on Sunday.
Qiyamuddin Kashaf, Head of the Ulama Council, the country’s religious scholars council, said the majority of government institutions are affected by corruption and that this phenomenon is one of the reasons for the ongoing war in the country.
Kashaf said some people are leaning towards the Taliban due to the lack of rule of law and corruption – especially when it comes to their legal problems not being addressed.
“Most of government’s offices are corrupt. There are different types of corruption,” Kashaf said.
At the event, the Attorney General Farid Hamidi called on the people to support government’s anti-corruption efforts.
He said war, violence, unemployment and poverty have led to corruption in the country.
“This conference is not for peace; it is for a continued and strict fight against corruption and for ending corruption in government offices in Afghanistan.
Peace is not possible when there is corruption. Corruption has dried the roots of this nation,” said Hamidi.
Religious scholars meanwhile said fighting corruption needs action not slogans.
“Let’s earn honor for our country, for the religious scholars, for our leaders and let’s get rid of this situation,” said Waezizada Behsudi, a religious scholar.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.