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U.S. urges Pakistan to seriously fight terrorism

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After declaring Imran Khan as Pakistan Prime Minister, US secretary of state’s officials asked him to decisively fight against all terrorist factions.
US secretary of state spokesperson said, “US secretary of state Mike Pompeo had a call with Imran Khan, and while wishing him success asked Islamabad to take firm steps in ensuring peace in Afghanistan.”
He added U.S. secretary of state called cooperation with new government of Pakistan as effective in establishing bilateral relations.
These remarks come while Imran Khan after his victory said his government would step up against extremist and terrorist groups.
Likewise, stressing on uprooting terrorists’ hideouts and political pressures on Pakistan, a number of lawmakers said US should act more decisive to eradicate terrorist networks.
A researcher on Afghanistan and Pakistan issues Jamal Farahmand said that however, Pakistan’s new government policies on Afghanistan and the region was unclear so far, but the Afghan people expect Pakistan to clarify its policy on fighting terrorism, because, terrorism is not only a serious threat to Afghanistan but also to all regional and world countries.
He said my message to Pakistani PM was to deeply revise its policy on fighting terrorism, and they should target the spots where the terrorists are being trained and armed and then sent to Afghanistan.
Expressing concern over deteriorating security situation in the country, a number of Afghans stress that peace and stability would not prevail in the region unless Pakistan stops supporting terrorist factions.
Dr. Aziz said after declaring US new strategy on Afghanistan and south Asia, some changes appeared in the region, thus, all regional countries should avail the opportunity and effectively cooperate with each other to ensure security.
He stated if the regional countries want to prevent growing terrorist groups such as Daesh, al-Qaeda and Taliban, they should cut their relations with them and jointly cooperate to uproot them.
This is while the government of Afghanistan could rise its voice on uprooting terrorism in the region and the world, therefore, the world countries should not leave Afghanistan alone and continue supporting in the respect in order peace and stability are ensured throughout the country.
Suraya Raiszada

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