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U.S. to assist $7.42 mln to train Afghan pilots

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Recently, US department of defense has signed an agreement worth $7.42 million, based on which Afghan pilots would be trained how to use A-29 aircrafts.
US department of defense in a statement said Afghan pilots’ training would be started in Georgia State.
This comes as Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan has declared that the number of Afghan security forces will be tripled by 2023 and the number of logistic and aircrafts will be increased as well.
It is merit to mention that based on Afghanistan-US bilateral security agreement, US and NATO are responsible to equip and support Afghan air forces.
Security and military experts believe that Afghan air forces should be equipped to better launch air operations.
“To conduct successful air operations, Afghan air forces should be well equipped,” they added.
If Afghan security forces don’t have enough information about enemy’s place, they would face casualties, thus, we should have strong intelligence agency so to be able to suppress the enemy in any corner of the country, they went on to say.
Meanwhile, the ministry of defense reported about inflicting heavy casualties to insurgents by air forces over the past days.
Afghan air forces cannot be successful unless they are professionally trained, besides, if NATO member states could equip them properly, today, they would be able to lead air operations by their own, a military expert Jawid Kohistani said.
The ministry of defense is stressing on intensifying attacks against insurgents, while the US has accelerated peace talks with the Taliban and peace negotiations are expected to be held before holding elections, he added.
Another expert on security affairs, Ali Rahmani believes the more the security entities particularly air forces are professionally trained, the more professional they can act against terrorist groups.
He stressed that US and NATO are committed to help Afghan security forces reach self-reliance, thus, we welcome any move in this regard.
It is a clear fact that Afghan security forces are the real defenders of this homeland, therefore, they should be supported, because, lack of support will cause them not to act good against the enemy.
He added if the situation goes on like this and US and NATO stop supporting Afghan security forces, problems will increase, thus, the government should prepare the ground for them to be professionally trained with the assistances of Afghanistan’s partners.
Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.