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U.S. sought for clarity about recent Trump’s anti-Afghans jihad comments


KABUL: The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in a statement released Wednesday, asked the U.S. for clarification about the recent President Donald Trump’s comment on the Afghans’ jihad against the former Soviet Red Army invasion.
President Donald Trump, while chairing a cabinet meeting, described the Soviet Union invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, “as a fight against terrorism.”
“The reason Russia was in Afghanistan was because terrorists were going into Russia,” he said. “They were right to be there. The problem is, it was a tough fight,” said the statement.
The country’s Presidential Palace described the battle against the Soviets as a national uprising for gaining freedom, the statement added.
It noted that the Soviet invasion was condemned by both the United Nations and the United States at the time.
“All American presidents not only denounced the invasion but remained supporters of the holy jihad by the Afghans against the invasion,” according to the statement.
During the jihad of the people of Afghanistan, the Afghans have not been launching suicide attacks and neither been a threat to other countries, said the statement.
“Our relations with the world is based on common interests and the international forces presence in Afghanistan is not only for the security of the country, but also for the region and the partner countries in general,” said the statement.
The government of national unity and the Afghans, particularly, the security and defense forces have sacrificed tens of thousands for the security and welfare of the people, said the statement. “Any countries have their own interests, but our priority, under the current sensitive condition, is to remain self-reliance,” according to the statement.
Afghanistan is seeking clarity from the United States about President’s Trump’s recent remarks.
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