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Two million people unemployed in Afghanistan: Ministry

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An Afghan porter youth relaxes on his push cart, as he waits to be hired in Kabul, Afghanistan on Monday, March 28, 2011. (AP Photo/Musadeq Sadeq)

According to Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MoLSAMD) at present two million eligible people are unemployed out of over 850,000 workforces while large number of Afghan refugees are repatriating from Iran and Pakistan and seeking job opportunities.
Increasing unemployment in Afghanistan has strongly affected countrymen and people accuse government for its inability to settle unemployment problem. Inan interview with The Kabul Times reporter, talking on this problem, Shafiqullah, an Afghan refugee who has recently repatriated from Iran, said, the US fresh sanctions on Iran have caused deterioration of labor markets there and therefore a number of Afghan refugees and their families have repatriated to their homeland and seeking for jobs in long rows here.
Shaifqullah said heis an architect and construct building, where every day he goes out of home to find a job. “Sometimes I find a job and sometimes not. Finding a job has been difficult to people here.”
Sayed Jawed another unemployed man asked government to pave the way of employment for educated and eligible workforce inside the country and prevent them to leave for abroad. Parwaiz another educated youth who was graduated from Education University three years ago and is unemployed despite of having diploma, said, during the last three years, “I referred to several departments and applied for a job, but I failed. When the educated youth are disappointed due to unemployment, they take refuge or become addict.”
He added, at present the government has announced vacancies through free competitions andthat he attended competitionsseveral times but failed to find a job. This competition process has been change to a problem for people.
Based on the World Bank, Afghanistan labor market has been concerning. Reduction of economic activities have caused disturbing of labor markets. Employment opportunities have reduced between 2013-2017 and it has been estimated that every year over400000 workforcebeing added to labor markets while only a slight number were employed by public and private sectors.
The MoLSA talks on government plans on reducing of unemployment level and increase of employment opportunities. Spokesman of the MoLSA Abdul Fatah Ashrat Ahmadzai said, the unemployment problems were being solved. “We have good investment and recruitment is good in private sectors.”
Shukria Kohistani

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