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Two-day medical products exhibition held in Kabul

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By: Shukria Kohistani

A two-day Central Asia Medical Exhibition was held the other day in Kabul Serena Hotel. Organizers of the respective exhibition said that the exhibition was aimed to build economic capacity of Afghanistan in the field of health. For the first time, a number of domestic and foreign manufactories companies put their medical products and medicines for the display in the exhibition.
The exhibition was held at a time when a large number of Afghans go to neighboring countries for treatment. In the meantime, medicines that are used by Afghans are mostly imported from neighboring countries; therefore, holding such exhibitions can raise public awareness regarding companies operating and producing medical equipment and medicines inside the country.
“Holding the respective two-day medical exhibition will help national and international manufacturing companies introduce their medical products to the people,” said Sayam Pasarly, an organizer of the exhibition.
He added that there were 40 stalls in which Pakistani and Afghan domestic manufacturing companies put their medical products in the exhibition.
The exhibition organizer further said that unfortunately open borders of Afghanistan have resulted in trafficking low-quality medicines from neighboring countries to the country, asking the government to stop traffickers from trafficking low-quality medicines to the country.
Pasarly asserted that they were trying to pave the way for joint cooperation between domestic and foreign companies for common investment and introduce the country’s economic capacity in the field of health.
In opening ceremony of the exhibition, deputy of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) Khanjan Alokozay said holding such exhibitions could play vital role in introducing domestic products to the people, adding that Afghanistan would have the most significant role in economic corridor of the region as the country could connect South Asian countries to Central Asian countries.
The ACCI deputy recalled that they were planning to increase the economic capacity of Afghanistan and the region and create sound competition in the region.
“Pakistan should not respond and link political issues with economic ones as the issue will harm both countries,” Alokozay said, adding that Afghanistan will double taxes on Pakistani goods in case the country continue to increase taxes on Afghani goods.
In the ceremony, head of a private hospital in Kabul Zuhra Oryakhil, who was putting the products of her hospital in the exhibition, asserted that holding such exhibitions could put positive impact on the health sector in the country.
“Currently we are able to conduct some heart operations in our own country, while such operations had not been previously possible to be conducted in the country, which could pave the way for mostly Afghan patients to be cured inside the country.
It is worth mentioning that visitors of the respective exhibition by praising the exhibition said that holding such exhibitions could play vital role in marketing of the domestic products.

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