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Turkey wants lasting, just & implementable peace in Afghanistan

رییس جمهور ترکیه در ملاقات با رییس اجراییه کشور خواهان برقراری صلح دایمی، عادلانه و قابل تطبیق در افغانستان هستیم 3

KABUL: Chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met yesterday with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoðan in Istanbul city of Turkey.
In the meeting, Turkish president said that Afghanistan and Turkey had historic relations with each other and peace in Afghanistan was very important for Turkey.
Turkish President also welcomed the inauguration of work of Afghanistan’s new parliament and considered it as step towards consolidation of democracy in Afghanistan.
Recep Tayyip Erdoðan assured of his and the government of Turkey’s continued support and assistance to Afghanistan, saying that his country wants durable, just and implementable peace in Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, Turkish president praised the government of Afghanistan for its cooperation in transition of responsibilities of Afghan-Turk schools to education foundation of Turkey.
Related to trade and investment between the two countries, Turkish president asked for an increase in the volume of trade between the two brotherly countries, hoping that Afghanistan government will provide necessary facilitations to Turkish companies to invest in Afghanistan.
Afterwards, chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah by congratulating opening the biggest mosque in the country, called relations between Turkey and Afghanistan as historic and friendly and considered the country as close ally and partner of Afghanistan.
The country’s chief executive by briefing related to political and security situation of Afghanistan praised Turkey for its assistance and active part in Afghanistan in the field of reconstruction and efforts towards maintaining peace in Afghanistan.
According to another report, Chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah attended Friday the inauguration ceremony of Camlica Mosque with world leaders in Istanbul, visited various parts of the mosque accommodating 63,000 worshipers and delivered speech on behalf of the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

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