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Turkey distributes 5,000 tons of food, non-food items to Afghans


KABUL: Turkish embassy to Afghanistan with close coordination of Afghan Red Crescent Society has distributed food and non-food packages to 500 needy people in Kabul.
The aid has been transited via four trains to Afghanistan and distributed to 50,000 needy people in 34 provinces of the country.
Distributing of the food and non-packages to the needy people in Kabul, Turkish ambassador to Kabul Cihad Erginay assured of his country’s continued assistance to the people of Afghanistan in the future. He said that food and non-food items have been transferred via four trains to Afghanistan and the fifth train will arrive in Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, head of media and public relations for the Afghan Red Crescent Society Erfanullah Sharafzai by praising Turkey for its aid to the people of Afghanistan said today 500 needy people received food and non-food packages having sugar, bean, cooking oil, rice, flour and others.
He said that needy families in Panjshir and Herat would be also benefited of the Turkey’s food and non-food packages.
Recalling of transparency in distribution process of aid to needy people, Sharafzai said the Afghan Red Crescent Society was the only institution that has already identified needy people to whom aid was distributed in each province.
According to the Afghan Red Crescent Society, efforts are underway to absorb further aid from various countries for the needy families in Afghanistan.

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