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Trump: US coronavirus death toll could be 100,000 or more

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US President Donald Trump says his country would be doing “a very good job” if it can hold the number of coronavirus deaths at or below 100,000. Speaking an evening news conference at the White House on Sunday, Trump conceded the deaths in the United States from coronavirus could reach 100,000 or more.
Trump also extended the national social distancing guidelines to April 30th. Trump said he received the
“most accurate” or “most comprehensive” study today about the potential death toll from the COVID-19 which has already killed more than 34,000 and infected 722,000 across the world. The US president said there could be up more than 2 million infections if “we did nothing”. “When I heard the number today. First time I heard that number, because I have been asking the same question to some people. I felt even better
about what we did last week with the $2.2 trillion dollars,” Trump said referring to the stimulus package passed by Congress last week. “Because you are talking about a potential of up to 2.2 million and some people said it could even be higher than that. You are talking about 2.2 million deaths. 2.2 million people
from this,” Trump said. Trump’s announcement contradicted his previous remarks that he wanted the country to reopen for business by Easter. Earlier, the director of US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases warned that the country could experience up to 200,000 deaths and millions of infections. “Looking at what we’re seeing now, I would say between 100,000 and 200,000 deaths.
We’re going to have millions of cases,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said, noting that projections were subject to change, given that COVID-19 outbreak was “such a moving target.” Meanwhile, Trump accused
hospitals on Sunday of hoarding ventilators that are in shortage in the country, urging hospitals to release them. “We have some healthcare workers, some hospitals .hoarding equipment including ventilators,” Trump said at the White House after holding a meeting with corporate executives. “We have to release those
ventilators — especially hospitals that are never going to use them,” he added.The spread of the coronavirus
has accelerated in prisons in the United States. The coronavirus outbreak has swept through New York’s Rikers Island jail system. Prisoners have no access to gloves or proper masks and have only cold water to wash their hands, an inmate told the Reuters news agency. US crude oil prices fell to 20 dollars a barrel, close to their lowest level in 18 years, following the collapse in demand because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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